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Supersprox Front Sprocket
Supersprox Front Sprocket

$17.96 - $40.46
10% Off - Save up to $4.50

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      • Description

      • Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
        420 / 13T CST-249:13.2
        420 / 14T CST-249:14.2
        420 / 15T CST-249:15.2
        520 / 12T CST-1323:12.1, CST-427:12.1, CST-432:12.1
        520 / 13T CST-1307:13.2, CST-1323:13.1, CST-1441:13.1, CST-1445:13.1, CST-1565:13.1, CST-1590:13.1, CST-250:13.1, CST-284:13.1, CST-427:13.1, CST-430:13.1, CST-432:13.1, CST-564:13.1, CST-565:13.1, CST-569:13.1, CST-1321:13.1, CST-1403:13.2, CST-287:13.2
        520 / 14T CST-1307:14.2, CST-1322:14.2, CST-1323:14.1, CST-1441:14.1, CST-1565:14.1, CST-1590:14.1, CST-1901:14.4, CST-250:14.1, CST-284:14.1, CST-430:14.1, CST-432:14.1, CST-511:14.1, CST-564:14.1, CST-565:14.1, CST-569:14.1, CST-1321:14.1, CST-1403:14.2, CST-1539:14.2, CST-1581:14.2, CST-1902:14.1, CST-287:14.2, CST-4054520:14.2, CST-5054520:14.2, CST-516:14.2, CST-736:14.2
        520 / 15T CST-1307:15.2, CST-1322:15.2, CST-1441:15.1, CST-1309:15.1, CST-432:15.1, CST-511:15.1, CST-565:15.1, CST-569:15.1, CST-1269:15.2, CST-1295:15.2, CST-1403:15.2, CST-1538:15.2, CST-1579:15.2, CST-1581:15.2, CST-1902:15.1, CST-4041:15.2, CST-4054520:15.2, CST-5054520:15.2, CST-512:15.2, CST-516:15.2, CST-578:15.2, CST-705:15.2, CST-736:15.2
        520 / 16T CST-1269:16.2, CST-1307:16.2, CST-1404:16.2, CST-1444:16.2, CST-1579:16.2, CST-1581:16.2, CST-1595:16.2, CST-1902:16.1, CST-402:16.2, CST-512:16.2, CST-578:16.2, CST-705:16.2
        520 / 17T CST-1404:17.2, CST-1423:17.2, CST-1444:17.2, CST-1579:17.2, CST-1902:17.1, CST-512:17.2, CST-705:17.2
        520 / 18T CST-402:18.2
        525 / 14T CST-1182:14.2, CST-4054:14.2, CST-5054:14.2, CST-740:14.2
        525 / 15T CST-1370:15.2, CST-1535:15.2, CST-1537:15.2, CST-1591:15.2, CST-2150:15.2, CST-296:15.2, CST-4054:15.2, CST-5054:15.2, CST-520:15.2, CST-704:15.2, CST-740:15.2
        525 / 16T CST-1370:16.2, CST-1537:16.2, CST-1586:16.2, CST-1591:16.2, CST-1904:16.1, CST-2150:16.2, CST-404:16.2, CST-444:16.2, CST-520:16.2, CST-704:16.2
        525 / 17T CST-1183:17.2, CST-1372:17.2, CST-1537:17.2, CST-1904:17.1, CST-2150:17.2, CST-404:17.2, CST-444:17.2, CST-520:17.2, CST-704:17.2
        525 / 18T CST-1183:18.2
        530 / 14T CST-4054530:14.2, CST-513:14.2
        530 / 15T CST-333:15.2, CST-4054530:15.2, CST-513:15.2, CST-579:15.2, CST-580:15.2
        530 / 16T CST-333:16.2, CST-339:16.2, CST-513:16.2, CST-517:16.2, CST-579:16.2, CST-580:16.2
        530 / 17T CST-1180:17.2, CST-1529:17.2, CST-339:17.2, CST-423:17.2, CST-513:17.2, CST-517:17.2, CST-579:17.2
        530 / 18T CST-1180:18.2, CST-339:18.2, CST-423:18.2, CST-513:18.2, CST-517:18.2
        530 / 19T CST-1180:19.2
        532 / 16T CST-584:16.2