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Renthal Twin Ring Sprocket Kit
Renthal Twin Ring Sprocket Kit

$167.14 - $247.97
12% Off - Save up to $22.79

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  • Description

  • Chain
    Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
    Gold / 120 Links 520DZ2120, C128, C416, SS520MXR1-120, SS520XTG-120
    Gold/Gold / 120 Links 520ERT3 G&G X 120
    Natural / 120 Links 520NZ x 120, 520 x 120, 520VOX120FB, SS520HDN-120, SS520SSR-120
    Front Sprocket
    Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
    520 / 12T 256--520-12GP, 439--520-12GP, 337--520-12GP, 252--520-12GP, 453--520-12P, 254--520-12GP, 255--520-12GP, 257--520-12GP, 289--520-12GP, 501--520-12GP
    520 / 13T 256--520-13GP, 253--520-13GP, 439--520-13GP, 292--520-13GP, 337--520-13GP, 453--520-13GP, 452--520-13P, 254--520-13GP, 255--520-13GP, 438--520-13GP, 447--520-13GP, 257--520-13GP, 289--520-13GP, 252--520-13GP, 492--520-13GP, 497--520-13GP, 501--520-13GP
    520 / 14T 254--520-14GP, 283--520-14GP, 279--520-14GP, 253--520-14GP, 439--520-14GP, 292--520-14GP, 453--520-14GP, 452--520-14GP, 255--520-14GP, 438--520-14GP, 496U-520-14GP, 447--520-14GP, 289--520-14GP, 252--520-14GP, 492--520-14GP, 501--520-14GP
    520 / 15T 253--520-15GP, 255--520-15GP, 283--520-15GP, 279--520-15GP, 292--520-15GP, 447--520-15GP, 289--520-15GP, 252--520-15GP
    520 / 16T 279--520-16GP
    Rear Sprocket
    Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
    Black / 48T 2240-520-48GPBK
    Black / 49T 1540-520-49GPBK, 1230-520-49GPBK, 1500-520-49GPBK
    Black / 50T 2240-520-50GPBK, 1120-520-50GPBK, 1230-520-50GPBK, 1500-520-50GPBK
    Black / 51T 1120-520-51GPBK
    Black / 52T 2240-520-52GPBK
    Blue / 49T 1500-520-49GPBU
    Blue / 50T 1500-520-50GPBU
    Green / 49T 1120-520-49GPGN
    Green / 50T 1120-520-50GPGN
    Green / 51T 1120-520-51GPGN
    Orange / 48T 2240-520-48GPOR
    Orange / 50T 2240-520-50GPOR
    Orange / 52T 2240-520-52GPOR
    Red / 48T 1540-52048GPRD
    Red / 49T 1540-52049GPRD
    Red / 50T 1540-52050GPRD
    Red / 51T 1540-52051GPRD
    Silver / 47T 1540-520-47GPSI, 1500-520-47GPSI
    Silver / 48T 1540-520-48GPSI, 2240-520-48GPSI, 1120-520-48GPSI, 1230-520-48GPSI, 1500-520-48GPSI
    Silver / 49T 1540-520-49GPSI, 2240-520-49GPSI, 1120-520-49GPSI, 1230-520-4, 1500-520-49GPSI
    Silver / 50T 1540-520-50GPSI, 2240-520-50GPSI, 1120-520-50GPSI, 1230-520-50GPSI, 1500-520-50GPSI
    Silver / 51T 1540-520-51GPSI, 2240-520-51GPSI, 1120-520-51GPSI, 1230-520-51GPSI, 1500-520-51GPSI
    Silver / 52T 1540-520-52GPSI, 2240-520-52GPSI, 1120-520-52GPSI, 1500-520-52GPSI