Club Name: Oregon Motorcycle Road Racing Association (OMRRA)

Year Founded: 1972

Who Founded: A group of local enthusiasts pooled their money, rented PIR and started racing

Number of Members: Approximately 500

Home city: Portland, Oregon


Club Email:

Member dues: $40 annual membership / $100 race license

  1. Is OMRRA primarily for the racing enthusiast or professional racer?

    OMRRA is a local club racing organization. Club racing is for the amateur racing enthusiast. Club racing organizations give locals and travelling licensed racers a place to compete and serve as incubators for future national and international talent. On occasion, nationally recognized, professional AMA racers have tossed their hat in the ring and challenged our racers.

  2. Are all OMRAA sponsored races held at Portland International Raceway?

    Currently, OMRRA races exclusively at Portland International Raceway. The speed of the current lap record is the fastest on the west coast at an average of nearly 110 MPH. PIR is a 1.9 mile stress test of racer and machine. Speeds on PIR's front straight can reach over 180 MPH. It is a sight to behold watching bikes slow from ludicrous speed, throw it sideways down to the knee and tip it into turn One still doing triple digit speeds. It's the unique feature of speed that attracts racers from all over the West and Canada.

  3. What types of races or events does OMRRA hold at PIR?

    OMRRA typically holds six or seven weekend events a year rain or shine. Season schedules vary from year to year but we attempt to schedule one event per month between March and October. Events include sprint races of six to 10 laps with bikes ranging from 50 year old small 160cc vintage machines to full blown 1000cc 200+ horsepower Superbikes. OMRRA holds specialty dates including Vintage weekend, Euro Day and Superbike weekend. Local Triumph, Harley Davidson and BMW riding clubs are yearly guests. OMRRA also gives back to the community by participating in food drives and raising money for charities. We strive to demonstrate the best motorcycle road racing has to offer.

  4. Can anyone race or only members?

    Race fans can be members but racing requires a license. Getting licensed is a little more fun than heading down to the DMV. For OMRRA's part, we hold a New Racer School two times per year to prepare riders for competition. In addition, OMRRA recognizes licenses from a number of race organizations around the United States and Canada.

  5. If I love the sport but never been on a bike how can OMRRA help me?

    OMRRA is a volunteer association so there are opportunities to be part of the sport without having to ride. For example, each turn at PIR requires a safety crew and many new folks wanting to be part of OMRRA are offered the best seat in the house to watch racing action. If you're interested in bikes, the OMRRA paddock has a motorcycling knowledge base second to none in the area. You can learn about every make and model of bike from vintage to modern machines. But be warned, spend too much time with the smell of race gas in the air and you'll be throwing on a helmet and take your love of the sport to the next level.

  6. OK, I'm all in - do I just go to the dealer or are racing bikes special order?

    Dealers are a great place to pick up a street bike and convert it to a race machine. Race prepping a bike can be a big project for a novice but with knowledge gleaned from workshops, local shops and racers it can be done. The other option is to purchase an already prepped race or track day bike. The forum at is a great source for already prepped bikes.

  7. Does OMRRA's involvement in the sport extend past organizing races?

    As an organization that runs on volunteers, the manpower to go beyond our mission is limited. In the off-season, our members with the support of local shops help OMRRA host informational New Racer Workshops throughout Portland. These workshops are a great resource for people curious about motorcycle road racing or ready to throw their leg over and get their fast on. Beyond that, our racers can be spotted all over the region on and off-road feeding their two-wheeled obsession.

  8. Why join OMRRA?

    Despite the adrenaline pumping action, motorcycle road racing in North America does not receive the attention or support it deserves. If you're a motorcyclist, local clubs are the grassroots organizations that keep the rich tradition of motorcycle road racing alive. Now more than ever fan support is needed from the local to national series. Support starts with joining us at the races, taking in the excitement and getting to know your local racing scene. Once you get a taste becoming a member, volunteer or racer comes naturally. Stay up to speed with OMRRA on Facebook.