Hot is hot and whether the mercury reads 90 or 100 little else invites a motorcycle ride than clear, sunny skies and an endless road.

Until you look at all the gear you need to wear.

A stuffy helmet, a thick leather jacket and long tight fitting jeans. Thanks but no thanks. How about just shorts and t-shirt? Not while riding. If you want to ride, suit up. And don't worry about the heat because despite the quilted look you can ride cool while remaining fully protected.

Cooling vents. Your friends when riding in hot weather. Cooling vents don't compromise safety but allow air to freely flow through you while riding thus keeping you cool as the sun beams down. Indeed, without ventilation, a motorcycle helmet would quickly turn into an oven.

All warm weather riding gear contains cooling vents while some incorporate moisture-wicking fabrics that work by spreading moisture over your body thus cooling you off better. Some products you soak in water prior to wearing but all use some intense technology with language far too complex to fully decipher here. Bottom line, if you want to ride comfortably in the heat while maintaining your personal level of safety then check out the following warm weather motorcycle riding gear and since cool heads always prevail we'll start with...

Cooling Helmet

All helmets have some type of venting system because even in cold weather your head gets quite hot tucked inside a helmet. However, the Shoei X-14 helmet features a cheek pad cooling system along with six air intakes and six exhaust outlets. Additionally, newly positioned side air outlets also help remove warm air around your head. In a nutshell, this helmet was made for warm weather riding.

Cooling Vests

A motorcycle vest always offers a classy addition to anyone's wardrobe even while riding. Take it up a notch, or make that down a notch with a cooling vest that helps keep your core body temperature down even when worn underneath a jacket, if you so choose. The best undergarment vests require a soaking first which absorbs the water and acts as a natural cooling system as the water evaporates. The embedded fabric holds the water preventing it from dripping as you ride. Check out these vests:

Cooling Base Layers

Riders generally use a base layer to keep warm, not cool off. But the difference in cooling base layers comes in the moisture-wicking fabric used and the overall breathability. The idea of bundling up sounds a bit off but actually you bundle up to stay cool because the technology infused in the fabric helps keep you cooler as the forced winds from riding pass on through. Cool off with any assortment of base layers including:

Cooling Jackets

Such a thing as a cooling jacket does exist! Again, breathability features go a long way in keeping you cool while bundled under a heavy protective jacket. Summer motorcycle jackets come in several fabric types, the most popular being mesh and textile, but also leather isn't far behind thanks to advancements in strategically placed ventilation ports designed for optimum airflow. You still get removable armor options and stretch panels for added mobility. Other options include textile mesh style jackets which hold a high level of popularity among those who ride in the heat thanks to the lightweight fit and breathable, perforated fabric.

Cooling Pants

Like jackets, cooling pants use ample ventilation in mesh, textile and leather designed to provide adequate airflow while keeping you protected from the elements or in the case of a crash. Vented motorcycle pants also contain room for armor at the knees and incorporate stretch panels for added comfort just like your regular riding gear. Textile pants offer a secondary option like the jackets by providing breathable fabric, various vents and room for armor.

Cooling Gloves

Take your pick! Mesh gloves of any style allow easy airflow through your hands keeping you cool and dry.

Cooling Boots

Thick heavy leather tied squarely around your ankles hardly allows for much airflow to your feet. Imagine those shackles when it's 95 out. Like with all the other warm weather gear, look for vented boots or riding shoes that keep you protected while allowing for maximum airflow constructed on a lightweight frame.

Don't misunderstand warm weather and vented riding gear keeps you cooler but hot is hot so continually consuming water to stay hydrated and taking breaks to strip down and fully cool off makes for a successful riding day in the sun. Of course, you can always find that rouge farm sprinkler and enjoy the ride-by, perhaps more than once.