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HJC HJ-05 Shield HJC HJ-05 Shield Seed - Clarksville TN Perfect match "This shield was a perfect match of the one that was on the used helmet I purchased. I'll be ordering another soon. Shipped very fast. Couldn't be happier..Thanks!! 5 stars!!"
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Fox Racing 2017 Titan Pro Knee / Shin Guards Fox Racing 2017 Titan Pro Knee / Shin Guards Brap2002 - Midland, TX, USA Straps "The one thing I thought I would have trouble with was the straps, because they seemed a little small. But ended up once all my gear was on they fit perfectly! I highly recommend this product."
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Dirt Bike Riding Gear

Riding dirt bikes brings its share of danger, which for some, is part of the appeal. No one wants to crash but ride long enough it's not a matter of if but when. Modern dirt bikes bring power and state-of-the-art suspension systems allowing you to get more comfortable and ride faster which often results in taking more risks. Eventually you hit the dirt. What you're wearing often determines whether you brush yourself off and get back on or spend the next several months healing.

Therefore, dress for the crash. The basics include a helmet, goggles, gloves and boots. As you gain experience, roll the throttle and tackle obstacles you'll want additional gear like kidney belts, knee guards, chest protectors and neck braces. Most gear fits under your pants and jersey and you can choose from stabilizing wrist braces to full armor-enforced knee guards, among other body protection.

Finding the right piece of dirt bike safety gear seems daunting at first but MotoSport is here to help. We provide everything necessary for safety and protection whether you ride the track, trails or sand dunes. We carry the top industry brands with a variety if styles and features to fit your needs. Today's riding gear is so expertly crafted you'll hardly know you're wearing it. So, don't let your first crash or your 100th crash become your last crash. Gear up, ride safe and be prepared the next time the ground rushes to meet you.

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