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Goldentyre G-Mousse Insert Goldentyre G-Mousse Insert JCoop - Washington, USA This moose lasts!! "I run the 140 in a 120 GT230 tire and it feels about like 10-11 psi. I am a bigger guy and am not normally able to run less than 14psi in rocky conditions so I love the traction I am able to get. I have had this new G Moose in for twice as long as I have been able to keep other Moose inserts and it is showing no signs of wear. After 25hrs on the bike this moose has been in 3 different tires and it is not collapsing like other moose inserts seem to. They are a bit more expensive but I believe its cheaper in the long run as I have not had to replace it. FYI I do keep the Moose well lubed and I believe this aids to it lasting."
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Michelin Bib Mousse Michelin Bib Mousse Jeff - Acampo, CA 95220, USA Not Needed for weekend rider "i thought that I was buying something that would last. Not worth the purchase price and challenge to install. When I opened the box and read replace in 6 months I knew I made a mistake."
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