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STI Heavy Duty Tube STI Heavy Duty Tube Sharkman - Tennessee Good "Seemed pretty thick time will tell"
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Nuetech Tubliss System Nuetech Tubliss System ronjon747 - Pittsburgh, PA, USA Nuetech Tubliss 19" "It is very important to take your time and follow the install instructions. Watch the installation video! A picture is worth a thousand words but a video is worth a million. By following the instructions I feel the tubliss system is almost easier to install than a traditional tube. Check the high and low pressure chambers before each ride. I have only one ride so far, I ran the low pressure side at 7.5 psi. Traction was good, the high pressure liner gives the sidewall good stability. I will start to test lower pressures in the future. The ability to run lower pressures really helps avoid deflection on roots and rocks. Great setup, bike was a 2002 CR250 setup for GNCC racing."
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