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Nuetech Nitro Mousse Nuetech Nitro Mousse Motoparty - portland or Best Bib! "Review provided by 220 Off Road Tours: So first off, the noticeable differences are the Nitro was much firmer and dense than the Michelin which is a bit "fluffy". These differences were also noticed when installing them as well. The Nitro seemed to go right into the tire itself, but like all bibs was still painful to get on the rim. I used the Artrax SX1 which tends to have softer side walls, but right away I could feel the difference. The Michelin's tend to be a bit "mushy" in the first few hours. Almost like the lube needs to sink in a bit then it gets more stable. However, with the Nitro I did not have that mushy feeling at all. We rode for over 2 hours in temps ranging from 82 to 105 and on very rocky terrain and also on some fire roads at up to 55 mph. Regardless of terrain, temps or speeds, the Nitro felt great and seemed to be much more stable with the Artrax than the Michelin. More to follow as I put more hours on it in some extreme heat will be the big test, but so far I'm sold. Also, once I change the tire out, I will be able to tell just how it is holding up."
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STI Heavy Duty Tube STI Heavy Duty Tube coolguy - Portland, OR, USA its a tube!! "Nice thick tube. it is a part you don't see that much, but you will be happy with this heavy duty tube"
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Moto Tubes

Most riders run regular dirt bike inner tubes though the actual definition could expand to cover the non-traditional like a mousse or the TUbliss system. But whatever inner tubes you want filling your tires, you can find it right here at MotoSport.

We carry the very affordable inner tubes from the 2mm thick heavy duty type to the practically bullet proof 4mm thickness all offering ample protection against pinching and flats. The new generation of dirt bike tubes replaces the standard air filled tube with a thick insert like Michelin's Bib-Mousse or the TUbliss rim lock and seal set-up. These more expensive options require a bit more diligence and patience to install, but offer flat-free protection especially useful when riding off-road.

Today's Motocross tube options offer value and protection for all riders. If you're undecided on which style of dirt bike tire tube is right for you check out Pros and Cons: Heavy Duty Tubes vs. TUbliss vs. Mousse. We answer the tough questions and if you still need help deciding give us a call at 888-676-8853 or use the Live Chat. The Guys That Ride at MotoSport bring experience with all three types of dirt bike inner tubes so we can offer suggestions and recommendations. We deliver fast and orders more than $79 ship free.