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ATV Batteries & Parts

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BikeMaster TruGel Battery BikeMaster TruGel Battery Larry48 - Pennsylvania Ready to go out of the box "Good: So far it's been a great battery. The included charger/maintainer works well also. Never had this type of battery before but it's performing very well. Somewhat bad: The online description says "exact fit" I believe. The positive/negative posts on this are opposite of the stock battery. You need a type 2 of this model if available. Had to re-route the cables under the seat to connect it properly. Not a big deal but I'm kind of a stickler to detail. Hopefully it's not putting unnecessary strain/bend on the cables, wearing them out. Positive is long enough, it's the negative cable that is a bit short but it still works."
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Shorai LFX Lithium-Iron Battery Shorai LFX Lithium-Iron Battery Scott - Fort Wayne Indiana Best batt EVER ! "I have bragged non stop about this battery brand . I even bought another one. So all my quads have this brand of battery now . WILL NEVER USE ANYTHING ELSE . The charger even is awesome in store mode after rides ... thanks a million MotoSport"
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