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EVS Axis Pro Knee Braces - Closeout

EVS Axis Pro Knee Braces - Closeout

Burns 192 - So Cal Very nice Product "I have not worn these types of braces in 15 years just shin guards I Trail ride and ride Desert I took a a fall and tweaked my leg so i wanted more protection . I am so glad i bought these it took about 5 miles to get use to them I now have over 80 miles on them and love them I feel so protected with them on Very comfortable"
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EVS Fusion Undersleeve Socks

EVS Fusion Undersleeve Socks

Lauren - Oklahoma City, OK Lasting Socks "I have two pairs of these socks and have had both for many years. I wear them under EVS Axis Pro knee braces, so they get tested more than just a regular sock. The front is a super thin and breathable material and the back is a perforated thin material. The two sides are sewn together with a strip of fabric. The sock bottom is joined with the upper with thick stitching. The footbed is very plush while the top side of the sock is thinner and more breathable. These socks have been very comfortable in terms of heat and do not make my legs or feet hot. Durability has been pretty good. The older set has unraveled a little bit on that strip of joining fabric on the upper. They are still usable, but I imagine they will get worse over time. The thick stitching between the upper and lower is comfortable on one set, but is tighter on the other and can be a little uncomfortable if I pull them up too high (I have thicker calves-ankles but not total tree trunks). One set is also ever so slightly longer in the bottom foot than the other. These are all just manufacturing differences that you would find in any garment. The very top of the sock has a gummy material on the inside to keep them from slipping and they do a great job. I have worn these all day on many occasions and they have never slipped below the braces. I will definitely keep buying these as I think they are a great combination of comfort-durability-value. Most knee brace socks are much more expensive, and I haven't found that more expensive = better socks. If you have knee pads or knee braces that chafe your legs, grab these socks and you'll be a lot more comfortable and only have to worry about bringing one garment instead of socks and knee brace sleeves."
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