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OGIO 2016 All Elements Pack OGIO 2016 All Elements Pack Shawn Cheap Parts Mar The Quality "Let's get down to it: if I'm going to drop a bill or more on a pack, it better be quality all around. I was quite impressed at first work the spaciousness, waterproof material, and low drag while riding. Unfortunately for me, Ogio seems to have skimped on the plastic buckles. They are thin, and cheap. One decided to break on a ride, allowing one side of the roll top to open up on me. It wasn't over tightened or at a stressful angle. I wasn't booking it on the highway, just going across town. I've replaced both buckles with cheap carabiners for now while I wait for a sturdier clasp mechanism to be delivered. I have a pack that is highly water resistant that was less than half the price, is 3/4 the internal size, and is exceptionally tough. I used it as a deployment bag for a security job I had, and now it's my range/bug out bag. Comparing the quality of these two leaves me so underwhelmed that I really cannot understand what exactly is the reason for going cheap on parts other than profit margins."
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OGIO No Drag Mach 5 Backpack OGIO No Drag Mach 5 Backpack Winkabeast - Monroe, NY 10950, USA Cool Idea "I saw this Ogio product and thought it was a really cool idea. Basically the pack body is stiff and there is no external strapping, so it stays aero at highway speeds with nothing flapping around. You access the pack from the other side... the side against your back. The opening is huge, there's lotsa pockets, and a protected spot for a spare face shield in a scratch free, shaped pocket. That's an awesome feature... stow a clear shield there for the ride home after dark. Heard some reviews say it was hard to get on and off, but it seems really easy and natural to me. I like this pack a lot."
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