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Cruiser School Supplies

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Fox Racing Lock Up Backpack - Rodka Fox Racing Lock Up Backpack - Rodka Yady - PR Excellent! "I am happy I bought it. It is perfect!!"
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Fly Racing Illuminator Backpack Fly Racing Illuminator Backpack Jeff - Colorado Springs Overall well done "I ordered this specifically for the INTERNAL helmet storage versus the traditional external webbing hammock setups. I think it's more secure than the hammock but it's still kind of like a hammock. Full face helmet fits fine but it's not weather protected because the expansion material is a fine mesh. With the helmet in place there's still decent room in the other compartments but not for lots of stuff. Without the helmet you can of course stuff more into it. The side zipper compartment which I assume is intended for a laptop has an internal pocket for where the laptop would go but it's orientation is not right. Imagine you open the zipper from top down. The internal pocket orientation is as if you would open the zipper from side to side at the top of the pack. So, I can't fit my laptop in the pocket. It goes in the compartment fine, though. Maybe the pocket is for accessories or a charger or something but I would always store them away from the laptop to avoid damage in case of any impact. Finally, as far as fit. The concealable waist belt sits a bit high to my liking but not a big deal. If you don't have a big belly, that is. Speaking of which, this would look weird on a large body as it's fairly compact but that's just my opinion as a skinny person."
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