Club Name: Riders for the Cure

Year Founded: 2006

Who Founded: Dr. Samuel Hassenbusch and Patrick Browning

Number of Members: 150

Home city: Houston, Texas

Website: Riders for the

Member dues: N/A

  1. What was Riders for the Cure MC original charter?

    The original purpose of Riders for the Cure was to serve as a voice for employee motorcycle riders. That being said, we consider ourselves a hybrid between a motorcycle club and a riding club. Our entrance and exit requirements are minimal and we have no patches, for example. However, the membership is focused around our goal of curing cancer, so they want the association with our image and reputation. They like the organizational framework we have set up and we encourage participation only to the extent that the member can provide within his or her personal circumstances. We do not expect or demand a lifelong commitment to our club. The social aspect allows us to coalesce around our focus on curing cancer and allows for more motorcycle-related activities such as large and small group rides, education, and advocacy.

  2. A voice for what?

    A voice that motorcycles are a method of daily transportation for many people who work and visit in the Texas Medical Center of Houston, Texas. We work with many of the parking garages in the area to ensure safe and designated motorcycle parking along with outreach of motorcycle awareness in the area.

  3. How has the focus changed/expanded today?

    In addition to being a voice for the support and encouragement of motorcycle transportation, the Riders for the Cure also focuses on Cancer awareness and support through the raising of funds in conjunction of the work that many of our members do to perpetuate medical developments.

  4. What do you believe is Riders for the Cure biggest contribution to riding?

    Comradely of motorcycling along with the support and awareness for motorcycles. From a macro perspective the group is the joining of many people, backgrounds, and cultures to create an impact upon cancer.

  5. Membership looks to be all-inclusive as far as types of riders, what do the majority of members ride?

    The membership represents all types of motorcycles, but a larger portion of motorcycles are cruiser style.

  6. How many rides do you sponsor each year and for what causes?

    We have two rides per year. The first ride is called the "Ride for Life" and this supports the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center's (MD Anderson) Anderson Network's annual patient and caregiver conference held in September. The ride is one of many events commemorating National Cancer Survivor's Day at MD Anderson. The second ride is called "Sam's Jam." This ride celebrates the life and work of co-founding member Dr. Samuel Hassenbusch, M.D., Ph.D. "Dr. Sam," as he was known, was a world-renowned neurosurgeon and researcher who lost his battle with glioblastoma multiforme in 2008. Sam's Jam honors his spirit, his vitality and most of all, his commitment to patient care and research. Generally held on the second Saturday in October, the day features a police-escorted ride to a local venue featuring live music, unique vendors, and entertainment.

  7. Is there that "one" event all members look forward to each year?

    The large event that everyone looks forward to each year is Sam's Jam. In addition to a celebration of the life and work of Dr. Hassenbusch, this ride support on-going brain tumor research at MD Anderson.

  8. Why join the Riders for the Cure MC?

    To support cancer research and camaraderie among fellow riders.