Club Name: Atlanta Peach State Riders, Chapter of Women On Wheels®

Year Founded: 1987

Who Founded: Marilyn Vershure and Maria Rodeghiero

Number of Members: 60

Home city: Atlanta, Georgia


Club email:

Member dues: $40/year for full membership in Women On Wheels®, there are no other Chapter dues

1. You have an interesting history - how did you form?

Women On Wheels®, our parent organization, was founded in 1982 in California. Maria Rodeghiero, whose father, Al, was the first Honda dealer in the Atlanta, GA area, learned of Women On Wheels® soon after its formation. In 1986, she approached her long-time motorcycling friend, Marilyn Vershure, about beginning an Atlanta Chapter. In May, 1986, they held their first meeting at a local eatery, Manuel's Tavern. The Atlanta Chapter grew from that early beginning, and by the late 1990s we had members all over North Georgia. In 1997, Chapter leaders decided that there was a need to form a second Chapter. The Peach State Riders Chapter was organized in the Lawrenceville, GA area. After several years, the two Chapters were merged into one large one, forming the Atlanta Peach State Riders Chapter.

2. What was the original charter?

The charter was received in 1987 from Women On Wheels®, "To unite all women motorcycle enthusiasts for recreation, education, mutual support, recognition and to promote a positive image of motorcycling."

3. How has the focus changed/expanded today?

Women On Wheels® and the Atlanta Peach State Riders Chapter's focus is unchanged, and has been dedicated to promoting the interests of all female motorcycle enthusiasts, whether they ride their own machine, are a passenger, or as future motorcyclists. Children and our male support members are also welcomed, and encouraged to ride along with us.

4. How do you advocate for women riders?

There are more than 28 million female motorcyclists, and the numbers continue to grow. Women On Wheels® just announced that it joined forces with the American Motorcyclist Association, Women's International Motorcycle Association USA, the Women's Motorcyclist Foundation, Inc., and other organizations, to form the Women's Coalition of Motorcyclists. This larger organization is uniquely poised to leverage this vast community to create more visibility and opportunities for female riders. Through education, outreach and promoting a positive image of motorcycling, WOW and WCM's vision is to grow female ridership 20 percent by 2020.

5. What is the Atlanta Peach State Riders biggest contribution to riding?

We encourage and support all female riders. Our members have varied riding experience, from beginners to life-long riders. We are able to learn from each other, and enjoy many miles together on our motorcycles. Some of our members have had little experience riding beyond their backyards. After learning from, listening to, and watching other, more experienced members, their confidence increases, and they are able to enjoy longer rides. They find that they are able to easily ride to more adventures than they thought was possible on a motorcycle.

6. How many rides do you sponsor each year and for what causes?

We have not sponsored any rides in several years, but participate in several charity rides sponsored by other organizations. Some of the causes include: breast cancer research, needs for local foster children, and families of injured police officers. We also participate in a Toy Run during the Christmas season.

7. So, who is the better rider - Men or Women?

Women of course! We emphasize riding well, and have an excellent safety record. Our Chapter takes motorcycle safety classes on an ongoing basis, and we encourage members to take other advanced motorcycle riding classes.

8. Why join Atlanta Peach State Riders?

Join us to have other like-minded female motorcyclists with whom to learn from and share the ride. We journey to different, scenic parts of our area, and have something of interest for everyone. We are dedicated to promoting the interests of all women who ride, whether on their own machine, as a passenger, or as a future motorcyclist.