MotoSport is excited to announce a new partnership with RSRacecraft out of Banks, OR for the remainder of the AMA Pro Racing season. The new team brings aboard Stefano Mesa, a talented young man who earlier this season raced with the MotoSport-sponsored Triple Crown/RMR team.

As was reported on May 16 by, the previous team ran into financial trouble leaving Mesa in limbo and unable to compete in the upcoming Road America event for the May 31 to June 2 weekend. Thankfully, that has all changed.

"The outpour of calls and support for me has been overwhelming. I am very grateful to RSRacecraft/EBR team owner Ronnie Saner that he has given me this big opportunity to stay on the AMA grid and keep going after the SuperSport Championship," Mesa said.

Saner said he is looking forward to the new relationship and felt it would be a shame for Stefano to bow out of the 2013 season for financial reasons.

"We are very pleased to offer him a home at RSRacecraft for the remainder of the season," Saner said. "He is a tenacious young talent who brings a lot of excitement and positive energy to the SuperSport grid."

Mesa said the team is working very hard to have the bikes ready. The almost 11th hour deal comes during a long hiatus for the AMA Pro racing circuit having its last race more than two months ago in Daytona. Mesa finished first in race one, eighth in race two.