MotoSport sponsored rider Bobby Fong is racing well this year in the 2013 Daytona Sportbike series. He's currently in 9th place with seven top 10 finishes in 10 races. He switched bikes early in the season after the team he started with folded because of financial reasons. MotoSport was able to quickly sponsor Fong on his new team - D&D Cycles Castrol Triumph before he lost any ground. He's 10 points from 8th place with three races remaining.

Age: 22

Years riding pro: Four

What age did you start riding and on what: 5 years old on a PW50

What do you ride now? Triumph Daytona 675

Hometown: Stockton, CA

Career highlights: Won multiple amateur Grand National Flat Tracks in his younger years; in 2010 won his first AMA Daytona SportBike race; multiple podiums last year; finished 3rd in the Daytona 200 this year.

Other sports participated in: Motorcycle racing! His whole life is dedicated to racing.

Other hobbies/interests: Loves to train and train other people.

  1. What got you started?

    My dad was a street bike guru and my grandfather worked at a Harley-Davidson shop. My Dad's good friend lived near the Lodi Cycle Bowl so I was around the environment at an early age. My dad got me started on a PW50 on a golf course and then he took me to the Lodi Cycle Bowl when I was 5 and I that's when I started racing.

  2. Motto you live by?

    Never give up.

  3. If you weren't racing what would you be doing now?

    I would be a personal trainer which I am now. I'd open up my own gym and help other people get fit.

  4. What advice would you give a younger rider?

    Stay positive and stay out of trouble. Don't let anyone put you down. Even if your family doesn't have a lot of money sometimes you have to do what it takes to let your talent show.

  5. What's your favorite racing moment?

    I had the closest finish in motorcycle racing history when I won my first AMA Daytona Sportbike race in 2010. The gap was .000.

  6. What's your pre-race ritual?

    I always pray right before I get on the motorcycle.

  7. What's the key to success for you this season?

    Be smart, stay upright and definitely stay positive. I won't let one race bring me down.

Written By: AndrewT