Not a lot of room exists on a motorcycle for carrying things but most riders don't leave home without some essential accessories.

We're not talking the riding gear, let's just assume (and hope) you wear the basics like a helmet and riding boots. We mean those items, if you don't have them when out on the road, ruin your ride or in some cases, end your ride, because of personal comfort or problems with the motorcycle.

Just as you have a spare tire and maybe some flares for your car and sunglasses for you, we asked the motorcycle riders at MotoSport to give us the top accessories they always bring or leave tucked away in a small compartment on their ride.

Top Motorcycle Accessories

Motorcycle Gloves

Wait. I thought you assumed the basic riding gear? Well, as it turns out a lot of bikers don't consider gloves essential gear but for MotoSport riders, the gloves come on before the bike goes out. And not just any gloves. You need riding gloves for the weather - hot/cold/wet dry - which help extend your long excursions and make shorter rides more comfortable.

Lens Wipes

You have no windshield, except the lens on your helmet or goggles if you go the open face or half shell route, which eats all the bugs and dirt in your line of travel. Broken bugs quickly dry and adhere to your field of vision and dirt mostly smears when rubbed off. Lens wipes easily fit inside a pocket and quickly clean the worst of grime so you can get back to seeing the road.


A backpack fits securely to your body and out of the way letting you carry a computer, paperwork, cell phone or anything else you normally would place on the passenger seat or back seat of your car. Most riders stick with a waterproof backpack regardless of the year because you never know and somehow errant sprinklers always find a way into your path. A backpack also functions as a small pantry to carry around...

Food and Beverage

Riding a motorcycle takes work and for long runs you get thirsty and even hungry. Save time and money by carrying food and water to fuel up when your personal stores get a bit too low. A hydration pack allows you to stay hydrated during your ride which can fend off early fatigue.

Small Tool Set

A compact tool set easily fits in the small compartment under you seat and stores safely away until you need it. Hopefully you don't, but having a compact tool kit with wrenches, screwdrivers and pliers can help get you out of a pinch or remove and replace failed parts.

Security System

Don't be a victim! Secure your motorcycle with any of the array of cable locks, disc locks and other alarm or security type systems. Thieves look for easy targets and a security system offers a great deterrent to theft by making it hard for anyone to roll away with your motorcycle.

Ear Plugs

Ear plugs almost rank as core riding protection but many riders still throw them aside. Ear plugs prevent long term, permanent damage to your hearing from the motor but even more so the wind. Higher speeds produce louder sounds too. A good set of plugs also prevents early fatigue as the drone of the engine and the wind constantly buzzing in your ears knocks you out pretty quick. Most ear plugs block out the higher pitched sounds that cause damage but allow you to still hear car horns and emergency vehicles.

Frame or Engine Sliders

These replaceable fixtures attach to the sides of the motorcycle either as a peg that sticks out or a metal frame that guards the engine block to prevent damage in the event you drop your motorcycle. Even if you lose your footing while stopped, toppling over can harm vital engine parts.

Don't consider any of these a hard and fast rule. Your list probably includes some noted here and a few others. New riders tend to learn as they go but hopefully this list of the top motorcycle accessories helps get you up to speed and once there you can determine the best conveniences.