Many car drivers - mostly those who've never been on a motorcycle - question why anybody would ever trade in four wheels for two.

Those who saddle up know full well the many advantages to riding verses driving. The reasons vary too. Whether you commute, take long rides on the weekends or make a vacation of it, riding a motorcycle is an experience like none other. Every rider has their own reasons for owning a motorcycle and no list could ever be complete but we came up with eight reasons why motorcycles are better than cars.

  1. Economical

A motorcycle beats a car hands-down in upfront costs and long term expenses as well. A car that gets 30 mpg is on the higher-end of the spectrum. But for a motorcycle that's actually on the low-end. Motorcycles are far more cheaper to operate and with gas prices approaching $4 a gallon, riding one makes perfect sense. Additionally, the maintenance costs are cheaper and much of the work you can learn to do yourself. Finally, a motorcycle off the floor costs less than a car.

  1. Performance

Now, we know you never burn rubber when the light goes green but when it comes right down to it, a motorcycle is a half mile down the road before a car ever gets into second gear.

  1. Safer

Yes, believe it or not motorcyclists are safer. You ever see a swerving and slow moving bike and as you drive past the rider is busy looking at a phone or GPS system or even reading? Never! That's what drivers do because they think they're safe in a cage. We know riding a motorcycle comes with inherent risks so we take a proactive stance when riding and we're much more aware of our surroundings which makes us safer.

  1. Freedom

There's nothing like an open road and the wind in your face. It's just not the same with all the windows rolled down - which in fact is quite annoying. Riding is an escape for many motorcycle enthusiasts who take to the road to get away from it all.

  1. Community

The motorcycling community is a tight bunch. You ever heard of the Honda Owners Group or seen a caravan of Toyotas driving down the street? Probably not. Sure, there are certainly old car enthusiasts like Model A clubs or vintage car groups but they typically meet to admire and talk shop not roll down the highway for distance riding.

  1. Snuggle Up

Holding hands can be romantic but really that's all you can do in a car. And are you going to hold hands for the entire duration of the ride? Doubtful. A motorcycle on the other hand requires your squeeze to hold on and hold on tight.

  1. Fun

This is universal. What's more fun - driving a car or riding a bike? There's really no argument here.

  1. Parking

This one is probably universal too. Motorcycles are not only easier to park but easier to find parking. No parallel parking dilemma for someone on two-wheels, the radius the handlebars give destroys anything a steering wheel provides. Small space? No problem, just slip right in.

There you have it. Our eight reasons why Motorcycles are better than cars. Let us know if our list coincides with yours and what you would add.