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EFX Moto MTC Tire EFX Moto MTC Tire atvdude - PA under wellming "this tire is good looking and have deep lugs but do not grab well at all. they did work better on my 350 than 700 because of the weight but not good for the size lug. i do not recommend this tire. they are very heavy and over priced. but i do love MotoSport.com great customer services love MotoSport.com"
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EFX Moto MTC Tire EFX Moto MTC Tire MaineMan - Maine Garbage "So I have bought a total of 7 of these tires now because the side walls keep blowing out. Contacted company. They said they don’t cover side wall issues 2 of the tires blew out with less than 200 miles on them. I am now an expert at changing a tire on the trail. Thank god I bought a spare tire and moun. You will need a spare or 3 if you but these tires. Blew the 3rd one last weekend and bought 4 new tires from a different brand. Not dealing with this garbage any longer."
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