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IMS Gas Tank IMS Gas Tank Buckley44 Durable tank "The tank looks good and is a durable tank for riding"
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IMS Gas Tank IMS Gas Tank Rustyg61 - Texas Exactly what I was looking for! "I have a 2018 KTM 500 EXC-F Dual Sport that I absolutely loved.....mostly! There were 2 things I didn't like about the bike & they were both solved with my new 3.2 gallon IMS Tank. I didn't like the stock 2.2 gallon tank because I barely got 80-90 miles before the fuel light came on. I had looked into some guided Dual Sport Rides & they required a minimum 100 mile range between fill ups. So I needed a bigger tank. I also hated the transparent "off white" color of the factory tank. It looked dingy & faded next to the pure white side panels. So I ordered a 3.2 gallon black IMS tank from MotoSport who had a great price & was the only vendor who actually had one in stock! The tank arrived in a few days & fit perfectly! It was easy to install. I chose the IMS over Acerbis for 2 reasons, the Acerbis was only 3 gallons VS 3.2 on the IMS, & the IMS has threaded brass inserts for the bolts whereas the Acerbis has wood screws screwed into the plastic. The Acerbis also stuck up much higher at the seat junction & that could have been a problem getting forward on the seat to corner. The IMS has most of its extra capacity down low so you don't feel the extra weight of the additional gallon of gas. It is just as narrow as the stock tank too so no change at all in how the bike feels riding it. I've only filled up once since installing the tank & I got 126 miles before the fuel light came on! That was exactly what I was looking for! It easily breaks the 100 mile limit!"
See all reviews for this product