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IMS Gas Tank
IMS Gas Tank

$192.77 - $349.00
Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars


Item #IGT0001

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4.1 out of 5 stars
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1 month 7 days ago North California
5 out of 5 stars
Looking forward to extra miles

Saw a review that didn't recommend this tank for a 03' 450 stating that it got in the way of steering. It has full clearance even with a Scott's steering stabilizer. Installing was a little tricky but if you leave the fasteners loose on the shrouds until you've got one in each position, it's pretty easy.


2 months 8 days ago Lemoore, CA
5 out of 5 stars

I bought this about a month ago. bolted right onto my 2007 KTM 144SX with no issues. looks clean, the bike feels like I can really grip it now. not as slim as it was with the stock tank. this is amazing. I got about 47 miles on my stock tank riding single track at about 5k feet. I rode more than 60 miles with confidence with this tank. really relaxing not having to stress about how much fuel you have. I can go more than 80 miles on this tank and not be worried. plus I can see the amount of fuel I have left while riding. great buy! highly recommended!


4 months 13 days ago NJ
1 out of 5 stars
No bar clearance

My IMS tank wasn’t a direct fit. The turning radius is hindered by the large tank. Would not recommend for a 2003 KTM 450 EXC


Verified Purchaser
4 months 19 days ago Livermore
5 out of 5 stars
3.2 gal gas tank

It fit perfect on my 09 CRF450X, it looks great.


Over 6 months ago Emmett idaho
5 out of 5 stars
Great on 16’ crf450r

Bought the tank and i thought it would be a lot wider than it really is. After first ride with new tank was very pleased. Definately a weight difference but was able to get used to it quickly. Recommend this tank for anyone looking for a longer ride with IMS reliablility.


Verified Purchaser
Over 6 months ago California
5 out of 5 stars
Gear buy

Great fit and finish, only took about 10min to change the tanks out. Made my 02 CR250 about a 1/2” wider towards the top of the tank which you can’t notice while riding. The extra capacity is really nice for the long trail rides and the desert.


Verified Purchaser
Over 11 months ago Kentucky
2 out of 5 stars
Looks great, fit isn’t.

Looks good out of the box until I started installing on my ‘19 Yz250x. None, NONE of the threaded inserts match up and the seat fitment is terrible. Sounds like I’ll buy a Clarke next time


Verified Purchaser Top 250
1 year ago Michigan, USA
4 out of 5 stars
IMS Gas Tank 2017 ktm 450sxf

fitment was good, it does bulge out a bit at the shrouds and seat, not a smooth transition from seat to shrouds, gas tank sticks out about 1/4 inch or less per side.


Verified Purchaser
1 year 1 month ago Orangevale, CA
5 out of 5 stars
Fits perfectly.

Fits perfectly and increases range. New formulation of natural is kinda green at first. I did as suggested and left it out in sunlight for several days and green went away.


1 year 1 month ago new york
5 out of 5 stars
Excellent feature

great product

54 Questions

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  • Not Yet:   8

Question asked by Rakesh

Question: Will this 3 gallon tank fit an EFI model KLX 250 -model year 2011??
Question asked 16 days ago

Question asked by Joemamma

Question: Would this tank fit a '03 Cr125 with a plastic restyle kit on it?
Question asked 1 month 13 days ago
Question answered by Paul
User's contributor status: Top 1
Question answered 1 month 13 days ago
Answer: It is safe to assume that the restyle kit uses the same mounting-points as the original Honda parts on your 2003 CR125.
The IMS Oversized Fuel Tanks would also use the same mounting points as the original Honda body parts. Based on this, the restyle kit should fit the IMS tank.

Question asked by Nick

Question: I’m looking at this tank for a 2019 yz250f. I see that there are 2 options... natural 2.0 gal and black 2.4 gal. Are these capacities correct?
Question asked 3 months 28 days ago
Question answered by Michael
User's contributor status: Top 10
Question answered 3 months 28 days ago
Answer: Yes, these are true to size and description.

Question asked by 500EXC2k18

Question: My application is for a 2018 KTM 500 EXC. Does the IMS 4.5 gallon require any additional parts? If so, please advise. I am swapping out the stock tank using original stock parts including the plastics and fuel delivery system.
Question asked Over 9 months ago
Question answered by Paul
User's contributor status: Top 1
Question answered Over 9 months ago
Answer: When adding the IMS Gas Tank to the 2018 KTM 500 EXCF, this year and model requires the following:
Fuel pump nut, KTM P/N 78107088014
Fuel connector, KTM P/N 78107088017
New 90 degree variation of Fuel Connector is also available, KTM P/N 77707988017

Question asked by Bruein

Question: What plastics does it use for the cr85
Question asked Over 9 months ago
Question answered by Trevor Gearhead
User's contributor status: Top 10
Question answered Over 9 months ago
Answer: This will not fit a cr85.

Question asked by Sparky

Question: Says this will fit a 2017 YZ450FX, is that true?  Why doesn't the acerbis tank fit this bike but does fit the 2017 YZ450F?  Aren't they the same body/chassis?
Question asked Over 10 months ago
Question answered by robert
User's contributor status: Top 10
Question answered Over 10 months ago
Answer: IMS does not list them running the same part number currently for a 2017 450f and fx model.

Question asked by James00

Question: Im looking at the 4 gallon tank for 2016 crf250x will this fit with the stock shrouds and is it narrow? Is there any pictures with this on the bike?
Question asked 1 year ago
Question answered by DaveGearhead
User's contributor status: Top 10
Question answered 1 year ago
Answer: Unfortunately all the pics we have for that product are what IMS has supplied. It would be best for you to contact the manufacturer direct @ 1-800-237-9906. Good luck!

Question asked by Adrian

Question: How's the fit for 1998 yz400f?
Question asked 1 year ago
Question answered by robert
User's contributor status: Top 10
Question answered 1 year ago
Answer: This will fit a 1998 yz400f.

Question asked by James00

Question: With the tank so low does it have a hard time getting gas to pitcock?
Question asked 1 year 1 month ago

Question asked by Gerrit

Question: I have a 2012 crf 450x with oversized radiators and a aftermarket fan on the right side rad. Does this tank come closer to the rads than the stock tank? 
Question asked 1 year 1 month ago
Question answered by Paul
User's contributor status: Top 1
Question answered 1 year 1 month ago
Answer: The 3.2 gallon IMS Gas Tank to fit the 2005-2017 Honda CRF450X does not meet up to the radiators and will easily fit with oversized radiators.

The 4 gallon IMS Gas Tank to fit the 2005-2017 Honda CRF450X comes around the sides of the radiators and is intended to fit the original Honda radiators with some space for clearance. Whether or not this tank fits with your oversized radiators may depend upon how large your radiators are.
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# Part Numbers

Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
Black / 1.6 Gallon 112241-BK1
Black / 1.8 Gallon 113333-BK1
Black / 2.0 Gallon 113162-BK1
Black / 2.3 Gallon 113163-BK1
Black / 2.4 Gallon 112254-BK1, 112248-BK1, 117339-BK1, 117330-BK1
Black / 2.5 Gallon 117338-BK1, 113325-BK1, 117329-BK1, 117337-BK1
Black / 2.6 Gallon 115529-BK1, 112234-BK1, 117316-BK1, 113322-BK1, 113334-BK1, 113341-BK1, 115523-BK1
Black / 2.7 Gallon 113158-BK1, 112243-BK1, 112430-BK1, 112425-BK1, 113159-BK1, 113154-BK1
Black / 2.8 Gallon 113161-BK1, 113147-BK1, 113335-BK1
Black / 2.9 Gallon 113160-BK1, 117334-BK1, 112420-BK1, 112421-BK1, 113320-BK1
Black / 3.0 Gallon 112225-BK1, 117331-BK1, 112255-BK1, 117336-BK1, 112249-BK1, 112418-BK1, 112417-BK1, 112412-BK1, 113155-BK1, 117333-BK1, 117317-BK1
Black / 3.1 Gallon 113330-BK1, 113329-BK1, 113332-BK1, 113331-BK1, 112423-BK1, 112424-BK1, 117335-BK1, 112246-BK1, 117326-BK1, 113137-BK1, 113148-BK1, 113328-BK1
Black / 3.2 Gallon 112245-BK1, 113338-BK1, 117321-BK1, 112238-BK1, 117327-BK1, 112242-BK1, 112429-BK1, 113124-BK1, 115520-BK1, 113150-BK1, 113131-BK1, 113337-BK1, 113318-BK1, 113327-BK1
Black / 3.4 Gallon 117318-BK1, 112230-BK1, 112415-BK1, 112411-BK1, 113314-BK1, 113316-BK1, 115524-BK1
Black / 3.5 Gallon 112250-BK1, 112252-BK1, 113339-BK1
Black / 3.6 Gallon 112216-BK1, 112426-BK1, 113113-BK1
Black / 3.7 Gallon 112227-BK1, 113141-BK1, 113130-BK1, 113315-BK1, 113326-BK1, 113319-BK1
Black / 3.9 Gallon 112414-BK1
Black / 4.0 Gallon 123102-BK1, 112237-BK1, 112240-BK1, 112223-BK1, 112222-BK1, 112221-BK1, 115521-BK1
Black / 4.5 Gallon 112427-BK1, 112428-BK1, 113340-BK1, 113336-BK1
Black / 4.9 Gallon 115518-BK1
Black / 5.0 Gallon 112416-BK1
Black / 5.5 Gallon 113122-BK1
Black / 6.6 Gallon 113144-BK1
Black / 7.0 Gallon 112229-BK1
Blue / 3.0 Gallon 117326-B2, 117321-B2, 117317-B2, 117318-B2
Blue / 4.9 Gallon 115518-B2
Green / 3.6 Gallon 113113-G1
Green 1 / 4.0 Gallon 115521-G1
Natural / 1.6 Gallon 112241-N2
Natural / 1.8 Gallon 113333-N2
Natural / 2.0 Gallon 113162-N2
Natural / 2.3 Gallon 113163-N2
Natural / 2.4 Gallon 117330N2, 112254-N2, 112248-N2, 112438-N2
Natural / 2.5 Gallon 113325-N2, 117329-N2, 117338-N2, 117337-N2
Natural / 2.6 Gallon 112234-N2, 112234X-N2, 115529-N2, 115523-N2, 113322-N2, 113334-N2, 113341-N2
Natural / 2.7 Gallon 112244-N2, 112243-N2, 113158-N2, 113154-N2, 112430-N2, 112425-N2, 113159-N2
Natural / 2.8 Gallon 113141-N2, 113147-N1, 113149-N2, 113161-N2, 113335-N2
Natural / 2.9 Gallon 113153-N2, 113152-N2, 113160-N2, 117334-N2, 112420-N2, 112421-N2
Natural / 3.0 Gallon 112225-N2, 112233-N2, 117333-N2, 117317-N2, 117336-N2, 117339-N2, 112249-N2, 112255-N2, 112418-N2, 112417-N2, 112412-N2, 113155-N2
Natural / 3.1 Gallon 112231-N2, 113328-N2, 113330-N2, 113329-N2, 113332-N2, 113320-N2, 113137-N2, 113148-N2, 117327-N2, 117326-N2, 112423-N2, 112424-N2, 117335-N2, 112246-N2
Natural / 3.2 Gallon 112245-N2, 112238-N2, 112242-N2, 115520-N2, 113318-N2, 113327-N2, 113150-N2, 115526-N2, 112226-N2, 117321-N2, 117318-N2, 113338-N2, 113337-N2, 117328-N2, 112429-N2, 113124-N2, 113131-N2
Natural / 3.3 Gallon 113331-N2
Natural / 3.4 Gallon 112230-N2, 113316-N2, 113133-N2, 115524-N2, 112415-N2, 112411-N2, 113128-N2, 113314-N2
Natural / 3.5 Gallon 117331-N2, 112250-N2, 112252-N2, 113339-N2
Natural / 3.6 Gallon 112216-N2, 123103-BK1, 112426-N2, 113113-N2
Natural / 3.6 Gallons 125512-N2
Natural / 3.7 Gallon 113315-N2, 113326-N2, 112227-N2, 115527-N2, 113130-N2, 113319-N2
Natural / 3.7 Gallons 123103-N2, 122230-N2, 122231-N2
Natural / 3.8 Gallons 127316-N2
Natural / 3.9 Gallon 112414-N2
Natural / 4.0 Gallon 112237-N2, 112240-N2, 115521-N2, 122228-N2, 124102-N2, 112221-N2, 117319-N2, 117316-N2, 112223-N2, 112222-N2
Natural / 4.0 Gallons 125511-N2
Natural / 4.3 Gallons 122227-N2
Natural / 4.4 Gallon 124103-N2
Natural / 4.5 Gallon 112427-N2, 112428-N2, 113340-N2, 113336-N2
Natural / 4.6 Gallon 112228-N2
Natural / 4.7 Gallon 112219-N2
Natural / 4.8 Gallon 122232-N2
Natural / 4.9 Gallon 115518-N2, 129101-N2
Natural / 5.0 Gallon 112416-N2
Natural / 5.5 Gallon 113122-N2
Natural / 5.6 Gallon 127311-N2
Natural / 6.6 Gallon 113144-N2
Natural / 7.0 Gallon 112229-N2
Red / 4.0 Gallon 112221-R2
Red 2 / 4.6 Gallon 112228-R2
White / 2.5 Gallon 112233-W1
White / 2.7 Gallon 117321-W1
White / 3.0 Gallon 112225-W1, 117333-W1, 113155-W1
White / 3.1 Gallon 115529-W1, 112231-W1, 117318-W1
White / 3.2 Gallon 115520-W1, 112238-W1, 112242-W1, 112226-W1
White / 3.4 Gallon 117317-W1, 112230-W1
White / 3.6 Gallon 112216-W1, 117319-W1, 113113-W1
White / 3.7 Gallon 112227-W1, 115517-W1
White / 4.0 Gallon 112221-W1, 117316-W1, 112237-W1, 112223-W1, 112222-W1, 115521-W1
White / 4.6 Gallon 112228-W1
White / 4.7 Gallon 112219-W1
White / 4.9 Gallon 115518-W1
White / 5.5 Gallon 113122-W1
White / 6.6 Gallon 113144-W1
White / 7.0 Gallon 112229-W1