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IMS Gas Tank
IMS Gas Tank

$196.65 - $274.95

Item #IGT0001

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Verified Purchaser
Ada, ok
Quick delivery

Fits well....just needed to pull sides apart to utilize the additional brackets that fix the tank to the tabs on the frame.

Verified Purchaser
Canyon Country CA.
Great fit.

I had a Acerbis gas tank that that started leaking four days before a big duel purpose ride I was going on. I ordered it on a Sunday and it was here on Tuesday. Riding on Thursday! Not only does it fit right on, I always had trouble getting the seat on with my old tank, no problem with the IMS tank. Only drawback to this tank is its a little hard to reach the choke on the carb. Overall I really like this tank and the way it looks and fits.

Verified Purchaser
Durable tank

The tank looks good and is a durable tank for riding

Verified Purchaser
Exactly what I was looking for!

I have a 2018 KTM 500 EXC-F Dual Sport that I absolutely loved.....mostly! There were 2 things I didn't like about the bike & they were both solved with my new 3.2 gallon IMS Tank. I didn't like the stock 2.2 gallon tank because I barely got 80-90 miles before the fuel light came on. I had looked into some guided Dual Sport Rides & they required a minimum 100 mile range between fill ups. So I needed a bigger tank. I also hated the transparent "off white" color of the factory tank. It looked dingy & faded next to the pure white side panels. So I ordered a 3.2 gallon black IMS tank from MotoSport who had a great price & was the only vendor who actually had one in stock! The tank arrived in a few days & fit perfectly! It was easy to install. I chose the IMS over Acerbis for 2 reasons, the Acerbis was only 3 gallons VS 3.2 on the IMS, & the IMS has threaded brass inserts for the bolts whereas the Acerbis has wood screws screwed into the plastic. The Acerbis also stuck up much higher at the seat junction & that could have been a problem getting forward on the seat to corner. The IMS has most of its extra capacity down low so you don't feel the extra weight of the additional gallon of gas. It is just as narrow as the stock tank too so no change at all in how the bike feels riding it. I've only filled up once since installing the tank & I got 126 miles before the fuel light came on! That was exactly what I was looking for! It easily breaks the 100 mile limit!

Verified Purchaser
Holds more fuel=covers more miles

Everything worked as expected but I didn't get any stickers or calendar or a t-shirt would have been awesome.kinda looked forward to it.tank was shipped to the wrong address but it all worked out.

Verified Purchaser

Purchased this gas tank recently and no issues with receiving product to putting on my bike everything went smoothly

Top 1000
2006 cr250r

Fits great

Verified Purchaser
Ims tank

This tank is great except where the petcovk valve bulbs in it’s just flat where the factory tank has a lip that keeps gasket true along with valve other wise it’s a good tank

Northern California (Bay Area)
Brand new 3.0g IMS Fuel Tank 96-01 Yz 250

I recently purchased this Blue IMS 3 gallon tank and I have to say so far it looks a ton better on the bike. My old tank cracked so I decided on this one not knowing if I'd like the bigger tank look or not and it actually looks better. Everything bolted up great shrouds fit perfect may need to redo the seat cover since it sits with a little more of a curve now I have some wrinkles but very minor to complain about here. And remember when your bolting it on it will mount up to the right side of the radiator now so take out that existing bolt and use the one provided by IMS. Can't wait to fuel up and go ride leak free

New Jersey

Just bought this tank and installed. Was hoping that installation was gonna be easy, however I had to remove my radiator braces and cut them. Also the top of the rad shrouds are a very tight fit and hard to get on. On the inside tank in the front two corners there are pockets for gasoline to go into extra room I guess, however how is the fuel gonna leave the pockets, it’s literally just two holes that gas sits in. After all of this I have to say that the tank does have a really nice fit on the frame. Seems sturdy, durable and It does come with a gas cap.

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37 Questions
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Not Yet:   5
Q: Will the ims tank fit the 2018 kw 450f? 
9 days 23 hours ago
Tyler Gearhead
Top 10
9 days 23 hours ago
A: No the IMS Tank will not fit your 2018 Kawasaki KX450f but I do have an Acerbis one linked below that does fit.
Q: Will this tank fit on my 2005 CRF450X with a GPR Steering Stabilizer ?
21 days ago
Top 25
21 days ago
A: The additional height of the IMS Fuel Tank won't interfere with the triple-clamps or steering system.
Q: Will this fit a 1987-88 KTM 350 Enduro?
27 days ago
Top 10
27 days ago
A: No. This tank will not fit that bike.
Q: I have looked on the IMS website, and there is mention of a 3.2 Gallon tank for the Yz250x, but no mention of the 3.0 Gallon tank you have advertised.
1 month 4 days ago
Top 10
1 month 4 days ago
A: We do offer the 3.2 gallon in the natural color for your model.
Q: 3.0 gallon IMS tank for a YZ250X - Is this a real thing? Any further information or pictures?
1 month 4 days ago
Top 10
1 month 4 days ago
A: Yes, this is a real thing. You can find more info on the manufacturer's site.
Q: Do I need any additional OEM parts to mount this tank on a 2018 ktm excf 500?
1 month 4 days ago
Top 10
1 month 4 days ago
A: No. It should mount up without any problems. The manufacturer would supply anything that you would need to mount the tank if extra parts are required.
Q: How does the 3.2 gallon IMS tank fit on a drz400sm?
2 months 17 days ago
Top 10
2 months 17 days ago
A: It fits like it should.
Q: Will it fit a 99 yz400f it says its a perfect fit but the picture mounts for the radiator shroud looks off
3 months 2 days ago
Top 10
3 months 2 days ago
A: Keep in mind that the picture is a stock photo, you wiill receive the part that will be indeed ,
Q: Will this fit a 2015 full injected KX250?
3 months 7 days ago
Top 25
3 months 7 days ago
A: We don't list the IMS Gas Tank to fit a 2015 KX250 two-stroke, however we do carry the IMS Gas Tank specifically to fit the fuel injected 2015 KX250F four--stroke.
Top 25
3 months 7 days ago
A: Yes this will fit your 2015 Kawasaki KX250F
Q: Will this fit my 95 yz250 mine has crack and leaks and i need a new tank but no one seems to carry one for a 95
Over 6 months ago
Top 25
Over 6 months ago
A: We do not have one that will fit the 95 YZ250 sadly.
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# Part Numbers
Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
Natural / 3.2 Gallon 113337-N2
Black / 3.2 Gallon 113338-BK1
Natural / 3.2 Gallon 113338-N2
Black / 3.0 Gallon 112225-BK1
Black / 1.6 Gallon 112241-BK1
Black / 4.9 Gallon 115518-BK1
Black / 3.1 Gallon 113330-BK1
Black / 3.1 Gallon 113329-BK1
Black / 3.1 Gallon 113332-BK1
Black / 3.0 Gallon 117331-BK1
Black / 4.0 Gallon 123102-BK1
Black / 2.6 Gallon 115529-BK1
Black / 2.7 Gallon 113158-BK1
Black / 2.9 Gallon 113160-BK1
Black / 2.9 Gallon 117334-BK1
Black / 3.1 Gallon 113331-BK1
Black / 3.1 Gallon 112423-BK1
Black / 3.1 Gallon 112424-BK1
Black / 3.2 Gallon 112245-BK1
Black / 2.8 Gallon 113161-BK1
Natural / 3.0 Gallon 112225-N2
Natural / 3.1 Gallon 112231-N2
Natural / 3.6 Gallon 112216-N2
Natural / 3.0 Gallon 112233-N2
Natural / 1.6 Gallon 112241-N2
Natural / 2.6 Gallon 112234-N2
Natural / 4.0 Gallon 112237-N2
Natural / 2.7 Gallon 112244-N2
Natural / 2.6 Gallon 112234X-N2
Natural / 4.0 Gallon 112240-N2
Natural / 2.7 Gallon 112243-N2
Natural / 3.2 Gallon 112245-N2
Natural / 3.4 Gallon 112230-N2
Natural / 3.2 Gallon 112238-N2
Natural / 3.2 Gallon 112242-N2
Natural / 4.9 Gallon 115518-N2
Natural / 2.8 Gallon 113141-N2
Natural / 3.7 Gallons 123103-N2
Natural / 3.2 Gallon 115520-N2
Natural / 4.0 Gallon 115521-N2
Natural / 3.1 Gallon 113328-N2
Natural / 3.1 Gallon 113330-N2
Natural / 3.7 Gallon 113315-N2
Natural / 3.7 Gallon 113326-N2
Natural / 3.2 Gallon 113318-N2
Natural / 3.1 Gallon 113329-N2
Natural / 3.1 Gallon 113332-N2
Natural / 3.4 Gallon 113316-N2
Natural / 3.2 Gallon 113327-N2
Natural / 3.1 Gallon 113320-N2
Natural / 3.3 Gallon 113331-N2
Natural / 2.5 Gallon 113325-N2
Natural / 3.4 Gallon 113133-N2
Natural / 3.1 Gallon 113137-N2
Natural / 3.1 Gallon 113148-N2
Natural / 2.9 Gallon 113153-N2
Natural / 2.8 Gallon 113147-N1
Natural / 2.9 Gallon 113152-N2
Natural / 2.8 Gallon 113149-N2
Natural / 2.7 Gallon 113158-N2
Natural / 3.2 Gallon 113150-N2
Natural / 2.7 Gallon 113154-N2
Natural / 3.6 Gallons 125512-N2
Natural / 4.0 Gallons 125511-N2
Natural / 3.4 Gallon 115524-N2
Natural / 3.2 Gallon 115526-N2
Natural / 2.6 Gallon 115529-N2
Natural / 3.7 Gallons 122230-N2
Natural / 3.7 Gallons 122231-N2
Natural / 4.3 Gallons 122227-N2
Natural / 3.1 Gallon 117327-N2
Natural / 3.0 Gallon 117333-N2
Natural / 3.2 Gallon 112226-N2
Natural / 4.6 Gallon 112228-N2
Natural / 3.8 Gallons 127316-N2
Natural / 3.2 Gallon 117321-N2
Natural / 3.0 Gallon 117317-N2
Natural / 3.1 Gallon 117326-N2
Natural / 3.2 Gallon 117318-N2
Natural / 2.5 Gallon 117329-N2
Natural / 2.4 Gallon 117330N2
Natural / 4.9 Gallon 129101-N2
Natural / 4.0 Gallon 122228-N2
Natural / 4.8 Gallon 122232-N2
Natural / 3.6 Gallon 123103-BK1
Natural / 4.0 Gallon 124102-N2
Natural / 4.4 Gallon 124103-N2
Natural / 5.6 Gallon 127311-N2
Natural / 2.9 Gallon 113160-N2
Natural / 2.9 Gallon 117334-N2
Natural / 3.1 Gallon 112423-N2
Natural / 3.1 Gallon 112424-N2
Natural / 4.0 Gallon 112221-N2
White / 3.0 Gallon 112225-W1
White / 3.6 Gallon 112216-W1
White / 4.9 Gallon 115518-W1
White / 4.0 Gallon 112221-W1
White / 3.2 Gallon 115520-W1
Blue / 4.9 Gallon 115518-B2
Blue / 3.0 Gallon 117326-B2
Blue / 3.0 Gallon 117321-B2
Blue / 3.0 Gallon 117317-B2
Blue / 3.0 Gallon 117318-B2
Green / 3.6 Gallon 113113-G1
Red / 4.0 Gallon 112221-R2