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GYTR Competition ECU Kit GYTR Competition ECU Kit Perk1405 - North Carolina, USA Best purchase "The competition ECM is amazing, feels like I have a whole new bike now. The instructions are simple and easy to follow, this is a must do for the 18' WR."
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Bazzaz Z-AFM 4.9 Self Mapping Kit Bazzaz Z-AFM 4.9 Self Mapping Kit jbennington - Blythewood, South Carolina A must-have "I'm a former racer and race mechanic from the days of seat of the pants tuning. It isn't possible to get best performance out of today's bikes with basic mods to extreme without knowing the air to fuel ratios from idle to 100% throttle at any RPM and load. With the Z-AFM and Bazzaz's free software I'm able to build custom fuel maps for various riding conditions. Two can be loaded in the Bazzaz Z-FI fuel manager and others stored by the Bazzaz software in my laptop. In my opinion it is worth the cost and time to install even if for one custom fuel map that creates maximum performance for a single scenario."
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