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Pro Circuit Platinum Pipe - 2-Stroke Pro Circuit Platinum Pipe - 2-Stroke Hunter - NC Over all great Pipe "I bout this a few months ago so i have some riding time with it. I got it for the YZ 85 so i dont have a power valve i put this pipe on and the bottom end had more torque and the top end pulled harder with a longer over-rev. The pipe looks and sounds amazing, a little louder but not too loud. it did get a little rust around the welds but you cant notice it. if you hand dry it it wont rust."
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FMF Gnarly 2-Stroke Pipe FMF Gnarly 2-Stroke Pipe Gene - Western Oregon this pipe is great "I ride a 17 xtraner 300 and was a little hesitant to weather this pipe would be as good down low as the factory pipe. I ride mostly WET, MUDDY, ROOTY, STEEP ground and the grunt and tractability of the 300 is super important to me. The Gnarly did not disappoint this thing is. 1: better built then the factory pipe 2: chugs just as good as the factory pipe 3: the mid and over rev. are noticeably better"
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