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Shinko 016 Verge 2X Rear Tire

Shinko 016 Verge 2X Rear Tire

JimHanus - Richmond MI Great Handling on my VFR800 "I've been having handling problems with my 2001 VFR800 and was sure it was the tires. Had Dunlop Roadsmart III, and had Dunlop send me a replacement pair. Still the same problem, wiggling of the bike at freeway speeds in dirty air (trucks or heavy traffic) or around curves. I had to be very careful around freeway curves as the bike would move all over the lane. Have used the Ravens before and always liked them. Decided to switch to the 018 Verge 2X front and rear. Handling is now perfect, no movement around the lane in curves, and no moving around behind trucks or heavy traffic. I don't think they handle bumps quite as well but I expected that (hoping they would be stiffer), and since it's only been a month and coming into winter mileage is an unknown."
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Shinko SR268 Flat Track Rear Tire

Shinko SR268 Flat Track Rear Tire

tsarjeant - Austin, TX Great tire at a reasonable cost! "I picked up a set of these to run on my Hooligan tracker. I chose these because they are DOT approved and I knew i was going to be doing some testing on the streets when I wasn't racing around the oval. But since then I have ridden them both on the street and on a couple of dirt tracks. The tires perform surprisingly well on and off road, and have worn a lot less than I had expected."
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