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Oxford Cruiser Tail Bags

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Oxford 1st Time Top Case Oxford 1st Time Top Case jtm60 - east coast florida oxford 44 liter rear case "I bought this for my nt700vabs..I looked around at other manufacturer and decide on this.. true ..the mounting base does not seen to feel reliable. and honda own mounting kit and base seemed a bit over cost for what you're paying for. yet hind Hondas hardware kit does or would have been idea.. So I made / fabed a aluminium support base plate and found all the needed mounting hardware from. a local salvage surplus parts store..time 3 evenings after cost 58.00 compared to Hondas 2 part number cost of 225.00 10.000 plus miles and still going .. remember. it's not always the product .but noticing the products flaws or weakness and strengthening thous areas..not always assuming the General idea is always the way to follow. Be a smart buyer .just because the price is temping..but also think how you'll enjoy it lasting pleasure..jtm. Florida"
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Oxford 1st Time Top Case Oxford 1st Time Top Case Jimmy - Fitchburg, MA 01420, USA 1st time top case - black/44L "The mounting plate on this product is cheap and flimsy. I had a spare helmet in the case and a light jacket. while riding last week, the plate broke in the rear part of the plate causing the case to fold down over my taillight. The case itself is fine but the mounting is horrible. I would not recommend this product. This product is not worth the $82 dollars spent"
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