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Bassani Xhaust Cruiser Slip Ons

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Bassani Xhaust Firepower Slip-On Exhaust With Baffles Bassani Xhaust Firepower Slip-On Exhaust With Baffles Tuned by TEXJET - Houston, Texas BASSANI Slip-ons "compared to the STOCKER slip-ons ... these babies just went right on the exact way the originals did ... (super easy orig removal & Bassani install ... 2 support bolts & a slip-lock clamp on each) ... the Bassani end caps are a little shorter than the stock slip-on pipes by design, so a portion of the black curved harley support beam (that WAS originally hidden behind the front original slip-on tapered tip design) can NOW be seen from a low side-view ... but you can live with it ... maybe the "all black" Bassanis would help (we installed the chrome version with black billet aluminum tips) [side note to Bassani's quality control QC Dept: one of the billet aluminum end cap screws came installed incorrectly - it seems as though no "anti-seize" compound was used when threading the small allen-head steel screws into the aluminum end caps ... and one (only 1 out of a total of 4 ... 2 on each pipe) was completely "galled" and seized in place with the tiny washer still loose and just raddling without being able to tighten the little allen-head screw all the way snug DUE TO the steel screw being seized in the aluminum end cap ... so I carefully worked the screw OUT and then just happen to own a tap of the same size ... worked the tap in the end cap to clean it up, and worked a die on the small screw (probably better if i would have just procured a new replacement screw) ... but cleaned it up enough to re-install PROPERLY and snuggly enough to keep the washer from raddling loosely & then added the locking nut to the screw tip that was seen sticking up inside of the pipe bore. EVERYTHING IS GOOD TO GO NOW. (just could have been avoided altogether if QC had caught it) BUT COMPARED TO THE STOCKER SLIP-ONS ... THESE GIRLS SOUND SOOOO MUCH BETTER (now like a real harley) ... and the quick twist "blip the throttle" response is NOW reacting properly and the 1200cc engine NOW responds immediately and sounds like it SHOULD! MAYBE OFFER A GALLEY OF REPLACEMENT ALUMINUM END CAPS OF VARIOUS DESIGNS SO THE BUYER CAN CUSTOMIZE HIS BASSANI SLIP-ONS WHILE HE IS ACTUALLY PURCHASING THEM ... OR IN THE EVENT I FEEL THE NEED TO CHANGE MY END-CAP STYLE LATER-ON OR FROM TIME TO TIME ... LOVE THESE SLIP-ONS ... LOVE THE NEW SOUND OF MY 1200CC SPORTSTER 48 ... AND THE POWER INCREASE IS ACTUALLY NOTICEABLE TO A POWER SENSITIVE FREAK LIKE ME!!! THX, TAYLORmade"
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Bassani Xhaust Firepower Slip-On Exhaust With Baffles Bassani Xhaust Firepower Slip-On Exhaust With Baffles Saki - Chicago, IL, USA vroom vroom "Bassani has a unique sound which is low and load"
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