Hunting takes you far and wide and into places unknown. You can't get there by car, a pick-up truck works but travel for the serious hunter resides in a rugged UTV, also known as a side by side.

A side by side operates like a car but with a much quieter disposition. You can travel along the roughest of trails, get protection from the elements and carry everything you need for a successful day on the prowl. UTVs furnish a variety of features that make for a more practical and efficient trip but they don't come stock. To realize the full potential of a side by side you need to incorporate any number of accessories and add-ons which can vary depending on the type of hunting and what you want to accomplish.

Bow Racks for Side by Side

A UTV bow rack offers the perfect solution for storing and securing your compound or recurve bow during travel. Holding your bow, even as a passenger, makes little sense and you don't want to simply put it somewhere that looks secure.

A bow rack stores your bow safely and takes little time to unhitch once you find a landing spot. Moose and Great Day manufacture popular bow racks that install quickly and turn your side by side into a working machine. Choose racks that install on the rear, front or side of your UTV.

Great Day offers a favorite option for hunters chasing fast moving prey with their Quick Draw Overhead Bow Rack that installs underneath the roof of the UTV, protecting it from the elements, then allowing for quick and easy removal when the time comes. This model along with the Moose UTV Double Crossbow Carrier that holds your weapon on the outside of the vehicle helps free up space to give you more room in the cab or to carry additional equipment and supplies.

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UTV Gun Rack

The rifle owner of course needs a gun rack to store his or her firearm in a secure and safe manner. Like the bow racks, you can choose from any style of gun rack for your side by side that includes holders on the back, front, side and inside the cab.

The Quick Draw Gun Rack by Great Day mounts your rifle in the passenger space of the UTV for quick and easy retrieval. The OHGR rack installs on the rollover protection structure of the roof for fast access but also frees up space and keeps the guns out of your way.

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Soft and Hard Gun Cases

Some hunters prefer storing their firearms in soft and hard cases and placing them on a rear rack or other spot on the UTV to keep the gun protected and out of the way when not in use. Several brands offer you options from soft to hard cases and room for two.

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UTV Racks and Luggage

Mounting additional racks to your UTV gives you more storage room and allows for additional supplies. Luggage and other bags secure safely to front and rear mount racks so you can bring ammo, food, water, tools, spare parts and gasoline. These racks firmly fasten your bags and belongings to the vehicle allowing you to focus on the trail ahead and keep your eyes on the horizon.

Additionally, GPS mounting devices keep your tracking unit close at hand and secure so you don't lose it over rough terrain or forget where you last placed it. If you get tired of squinting, check out the RAM Big Screen Magnifier that installs to the mounting base and allows you to see the screen better.

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Whether you use a UTV for hunting or farming, racks and other mounting devices give you freedom, extra options and make a huge difference in your ability to accomplish the task at hand.