Business Name: RSRacecraft

Year Founded: 2003

Who Founded: Ronnie and Katy Saner

Where Headquartered: Banks, Oregon

1. What does RSRacecraft do in the racing industry?

We provide Pro level Racing Program contract services. RSR has always been proud of our ability to bring top level results to privateer racers in many different forms of racing. We do engine only programs as well as complete "arrive and ride" programs for a complete series. It is our goal to take the "unobtainable equipment" out of the equation and let talented athletes be competitive against factory efforts.

2. Are RSRacecraft services available for the everyday motorcycle rider?

Yes, absolutely! "Power to the People!" Anyone who is campaigning a real race effort in a professional manner is welcome to inquire about our services. We do not do over the counter retail work for non racers at this time.

3. How did you get interested in the racing industry?

I think everyone has the one thing in life they truly love to do. Mine has always been racing. I started with BMX and then started racing ATV's, that just started the whole snowball affect I suppose.

4. Have you ever raced?

Yes I have raced just about everything at least once! My favorites are ATV Flat track, motorcycles and late model dirt cars.

5. What interested you in crossing over from the water to the road?

I have never been able to turn down a cool project. I was asked to help on a road race project in 2008 and I enjoyed it. And we won the local twins championship that year. Then in 2009 I was asked to put together the Latus Motors Racing effort and that's how I began with AMA Pro. It has been a cool experience and I am enjoying it. In 2011 we won the Daytona 200 and then 10 weeks later set a world's record at the Pikes Peak Hill Climb. I'd say those were the most memorable events so far!

6. How difficult was the transition?

I think every discipline has its own challenges, but for the most part racing is racing.

7. Describe a typical work day in the shop.

Morning meeting with the boys, a little desk work, and then out to the engine and dyno room. We build all of our motors in house as well as do most of our own suspension service so it keeps us very busy. We try to do all aspects of the team in house so we don't have to share what we learn with our competitors. Our shop is run more like a big family than an iron clad business. We all are here because we love motorcycles so it is a pretty great place to hang out! Everyone who works here is a racer or an avid rider in some respect so we all share the common passion!