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ATV Wheels & Tire Accessories

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QuadBoss V-Bar Tire Chain QuadBoss V-Bar Tire Chain VTMOTO High Quality Chains, Fit Well! "The QuadBoss V-Bar Tire Chains fit the 98' Polaris Sportsman 500 stock rear tires very well. Deflated the tires as suggested, tightened them down as far as they would go (did take some effort to get them extra tight) and re-inflated the tires. Ran great all winter, never loosened up, never needed chain tensioners. Only needed to zip tie the extra links back to the tires so there was no chain slap. You could also cut the extra links off. These ran very well on both snow and glare ice. Very well made chains. Highly Recommended!"
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DWT Nut Plate Kit DWT Nut Plate Kit Theguy115 ""
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