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Renthal ATV Products

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Renthal Rear Sprocket

Renthal Rear Sprocket

Nate roost - Central cali Cool wheel gear "The best on the market PERIOD “! I would recommend and buy this again."
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Renthal Twin Ring Rear Sprocket

Renthal Twin Ring Rear Sprocket

Live to Ride Steve - San Diego, CA Beautiful Piece of Metal "Back in the day, late 70s and early 80s I couldn't lay my bike down without bending the stock bars. Renthal bars were a must and I thank them by being a customer still.This new rear sprocket is the best of both worlds, being steel on the outer ring means it should last as long as the counter sprocket. Changing sprockets and chain keeps the match as they wear out. On top of it all it is beautiful and I love the colors. Oh and the tough free sticker look great on the swing arm too!"
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The Renthal Name

Renthal got its name from the combination of the founders' names - Andrew Renshaw and Henry Rosenthal - who, in 1969, made the company's first handlebars based upon a prototype Rosenthal used for his trials bike made out of H14 aircraft aluminum. The aluminum handlebars fared well against the steel bars they replaced. Thus, a small scale aluminum handlebar production began. By 1975, demand was so heavy Renthal grew into full production mode.

Renthal made its name in the motocross industry by building championships. Renthal products so far have won more than 150 World Titles and more than 130 US Titles. In 2004, their handlebars made motocross history. Renthal supplied the first aluminum 7/8-inch handlebar as an OEM product for a Japanese off-road motorcycle. Honda's decision to make Renthal its supplier also marked the first time that aluminum 7/8-inch handlebars were fitted to a motocross bike.

In 2005, Yamaha fitted Renthal handlebars to several models. In 2010, Renthal handlebars steered Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and KTM performance motocross motorcycle models.

Renthal is now a world leader in motorcycle and ATV accessories like grips, chainwheels and chains. In 2008, Renthal introduced its Intellilever, marketed as an unbreakable clutch because the design allows it to pivot during a crash. CycleWorld.com commented in a 2009 review that it could be the last one you'll ever need to buy. Renthal's innovation also includes adjustable clip-on handlebars and Kevlar-infused dual compound road race grips.

Renthal prides its work on attention to detail. Success is achieved through relentless commitment and effort. It's this dedication that makes Renthal products some of the finest products available today. Renthal designs, develops, and manufactures all products in their Manchester, England facility.

Renthal Products at MotoSport

MotoSport provides a full line of Renthal products. The Intellilever series now includes break levers and a Hot Start kit. We've got both as well as the clutch lever system. Check out Renthal's front and rear brake pads and of course we've got those famed handlebars in both 7/8-inch and the 1 1/8-inch. Our selection of Renthal products doesn't stop there either. We also carry chains, chainwheels, sprocket kits, and bar pads, among other items.

MotoSport is the best place on the web to find Renthal products and motorcycle accessories. Look no further to find the Renthal equipment you need to keep your bike ready to roll. Want help? Call our toll free line 866-677-7338 or chat with an expert.

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