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Kuryakyn Constellation Driving Light Bar Without Mount Bracket

Kuryakyn Constellation Driving Light Bar Without Mount Bracket

VTX Rider - San Antonio, TX Looks Great! Usual Kuryakyn build quality... "The channels you feed the wires through is barely large enough and the edges are rough, if not sharp. Consequently, feeding the wires through during installation cut into the soft rubber conduit containing the blinker wires. Result??? I have an intermittent failure of the left blinker. I haven't used a test light yet to determine exactly where the open is occurring but have pretty much concluded it is most likely between the connection of the switch wiring harness and the blinker light itself. HINDSIGHT RECOMMENDATION: Before threading the wires through, use a Dremel or something to smooth the edges of the arms (an obvious cost cutting failure in production). Other than that, the instructions and simplicity of installing this light bar is pretty good... and they really look good on my VTX 1800."
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KTM PowerWear Coffee Mug

KTM PowerWear Coffee Mug

Csbracing - Lake St. Louis, MO Miniature Coffee Mug "It looks cool but so small it’s not usable for me. If you want a teacup full of coffee, buy it."
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