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Motorcycle Fuel & Fuel Additives

20 Results

Most Recent Fuel and Fuel Additives Reviews

STA-BIL 104+ Octane Boost STA-BIL 104+ Octane Boost DCA57 - Sunset, SC Great Stuff for My Sea-Doos! "We just bought two 300hp high-performance Sea-Doo’s that require ethanol-free 91 minimum octane fuel. Finding ethanol-free gas at the marinas isn’t hard, but good luck finding anything over 87 octane on a reliable basis. Fortunately with Sta-Bil 104+ on board, that’s NO PROBLEM! The convenient 4oz containers stow easily on the craft and are the perfect size for a fill-up. And the machines run great with the stuff. Would not think of running them without it."
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Lucas Oil Fuel Stabilizer Lucas Oil Fuel Stabilizer Pete - South Jersey A superior product "I have long ago stopped using Stabil since trying Lucas fuel stabilizer. Mower and Generator start up like running on fresh gas with no smoke or rough idling. I like this product."
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