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JD Jetting Products For Dirt Bikes

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JD Jetting Jet Kit

JD Jetting Jet Kit

Crutcher - Kansas City 2017 250sx "My 250 was loading terribly- most notably on the starting gate. Plus I couldnt stand the way the bike sounded like a 1983 CR 500 on decel. I installed this JD Kit and it was an amazing difference with crispness and response as well as fixing the weird decel sounds. Just purchased for my 18 125sx and I'm about to install today. Psyched."
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JD Jetting Jet Kit

JD Jetting Jet Kit

Brian - North Bonneville wa. Clarke gas tank "I put my Clarke tank on fix right on looks good. Now I can ride a long way now. It sucks when you run out of fuel."
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Take Off With JD Jetting

Improve throttle response with a custom JD Jetting jet kit - one of the best products on the market to fine tune the performance of your motorcycle or ATV carburetor. These kits get field tested from sea level to 12,000 feet and provide an accurate way to tune your carburetor.

The JD Jetting fuel injection tuner addresses issues like rich or lean running and stalling from flame-out. The JD Jetting tuner remains mounted on your ride and enables you to add or subtract fuel from the injection system.

While you're at it, add the JD Jetting EFI Handlebar Ignition Map switch and completely change the way your bike's engine behaves with just the click of a switch. Stock, Mild and Wild positions help you challenge whatever conditions you're riding.

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