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Dirt Bike Fuel & Radiator Hose Tools

Most Recent Fuel and Radiator Hose Tools Reviews

BikeMaster Hose Removal Pliers BikeMaster Hose Removal Pliers OldTom - Petaluma, Ca A real 'sleeper' tool. Very versatile. "I was a professional motorcycle mechanic since 1980 [retired 2016]. I used to struggle with fuel hoses on petcocks, breather pipes, other locations. This tool pushes on a hose instead of pulling. When pushed, a hose expands in diameter. When pulled, a hose will reduce in diameter. The tool pushes on the hose, and also pushes against the petcock [in the case of a fuel hose] or whatever the pipe is fitted into. If there is just a long bare pipe with a hose on it, one side of the tool jaw 'V' opening is sharpened to dig into the OD of the pipe. I have used it to separate electrical gang connectors, force brake pads in calipers apart, many things. I bought 3 tools, 2 I have ground down to fit tight spaces. You can force apart stuck hoses with brute force, but the careful worker will first try to loosen the hose with pliers or [in the case of radiator hoses, with a pointed tool [Snap On cotter pin puller. Never used it for that. I use side cutters to grab the pin loop and then lever against the nut.]]"
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Fly Racing Fuel Line Clamping Pliers Fly Racing Fuel Line Clamping Pliers Veloc - PDX No more crushed fuel line! "Been using hemostats for years to clamp my fuel lines shut. Every so often I have to replace them because they get damaged in the bottom of my toolbox. Every time, I have to spend fifteen minutes heating and bending them to conform to the shape of a fuel line, so they can be locked without severing the entire line. This tool is a really tough plastic, so no more finding mangled clamps at the bottom of my toolbox. It's got a nice curved clamp area that is broader than the picture makes it look, so I've seen no damage in my fuel lines from this clamp. The locking ring provides a rather large range of adjustment. Really happy with these."
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