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Electrosport Dirt Bike Dirt Bike Parts

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Electrosport Stator Electrosport Stator Bikeman Works great "Really high output Stator, does exactly what it’s supposed to. Great purchase"
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Electrosport Regulator/Rectifier Electrosport Regulator/Rectifier Jaron COST ME $2000 IN REPAIRS "Quite frankly this was the worst purchase I've EVER made. I mean that with no exaggeration. Two shops informed me my ZX14 needed a new regulator and nothing else. Aside from a charge issue my bike ran perfect. Electrosport sent me a defective unit that improperly regulated the voltage resulting in a blown ECU, Dash, and Fuel Sensor component. After initial installing the part I left the mechanic shop and only made it 5 miles before my dash crashed and the bike completely shut down while on the highway. My mechanic (thinking the problem couldn't be the "new" regulator) checked everything and determined the issue was in the wiring, resulting in a replacement of the wiring, ECU and Dash. With the new parts installed I went back to pick up my bike only to find myself again back on the side of the highway with another blown ECU and Dash. The part was sent back to Electrosport (and Kyle) for testing, he confirmed the part was defective however refused to cover any of the repair cost ($2,000). I havent had my bike in two months and I'm down $2,000 all because of a poorly made part from Electrosport. Hopefully there is some sort of legal action i can take. This is by far the worst purchase i've ever made."
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