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Dirt Tricks Front Sprocket
Dirt Tricks Front Sprocket

$34.99 - $42.99

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  • Description

  • Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
    12T CR1-12-34-2900, CR2-12, GG-12, KTM-12, KX1-12-34-2906, RM1-12-34-2912, YK2-12, YZ1-12-34-2916
    13T CR2-13-34-2902, CR3-13-34-29051, F1B-13-34-3116, GG-13, HV1-13, KTM-13-34-2909, KX1-13-34-2907, KX3-13-34-2897, RM1-13-34-2913, RM3-13-34-2896, RM4B-13, YK2-13-4-2918, YZ1-13-34-2917, RM3B-13
    14T CR1-14, CR2-14-34-2904, CR3-14-34-2943, F1-14, GG-14, HV1-14, KTM-14-34-2910, KX3-14, RM2-14-34-2915, RM4B-14, XR2-14, YK2-14-34-2919, YZ1-14
    15T CR2-15-34-2904, HV1-15, KTM-15-34-2911, KX1-15, RM2-15, XR2-15, YK2-15