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Cruiser Mirror Accessories

30 Results

Most Recent Mirror Accessories Reviews

BikeMaster Bar End Mirror Adapter BikeMaster Bar End Mirror Adapter Ethan - Miami, FL, USA Still in there. "I have a one-inch handlebar, and it was hard to find bar-end mirrors for anything but a 7/8 inch bar. These adapters do the trick. They're extremely easy to install. I put them in around August of 2017. Now, in February 2018, they're still in place without any problems at all. I've dropped my bike twice (and I'm not proud of that), and while the bar-end mirrors break off, the adapters stay in place, nice and snug. They're excellent."
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CRG Internal Bar End Mirror Adapter CRG Internal Bar End Mirror Adapter SailCaptain - Florida Keys, Florida, USA Perfect Adapter "I was at a loss on how to fit bar end mirrors on my 2015 Triumph Thruxton with LSL clip ons. I had been riding for about 6 months with no rearview mirrors and had too many close calls. It was time to solve this problem. The Thruxton has 1 inch bars with no extra room so that eliminates most of the mirror options and the LSL clip ons have an inside diameter of about 14mm. That eliminated every other option. This CRG piece fits perfectly and securely inside the LSL tubes and the black finish compliments the look. Even if you have a larger tube inside diameter, the package includes another set of larger wedges. I now have a standard 7/8 inch bar extension that will allow me far more options for bar end mirrors."
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