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Chatterbox Duo Pro Communicator

Chatterbox Duo Pro Communicator

Matt - Las vegas Works well. Radio a little tinny. Needs more bass "The passenger to driver communication so far has worked well. Being only a few weeks in i havent had many phone calls on it but the ones i have. They said they didnt notice i was on bike. My pipes are only at 85 decibels though so it isnt really loud as bikes go. Being an older guy....all the buttons and getting used to things took my son to basically tell me what to do. Havent done much music as the speakers are a little trebly or tinny. Could use better speakers. Im trying to look for some. But so far im pleaded. Mic boom could be a little more durable or stiffer as my helmet is open face with a visor closure."
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Chatterbox X1 Slim Bluetooth Communicator Combo

Chatterbox X1 Slim Bluetooth Communicator Combo

1 hardcore rider - San Jose, CA Great riding tool! "After checking and using most brands of communication devices, I chose the X-1 slim years ago. Chatterbox has newer models out but this style matches my other 7 X-1 Slims for spares. They are ONE WAY, but can go up to 5 miles as crow flies. I set for 2 plus miles range and they do just fine talking to my kids or riders across valleys, or looking for one of their friends that made a wrong turn. Chatterbox works just like old walkie talkies , one keys in, wait and another keys in. Small learning curve for all riders on your ride. I have had 7 riders on the same channel. In a short time they get the technique down on how to use and the ride goes great. you know when someone crashes, stalls, tell them which trailer before getting to cross road and having to stop and wait!!! I use my X-1 Slims for solo rides, friends, and family Dirt bike riding and on my street bike. I get my e-,mails, phone calls, FM radio, and messages when in range of course. I also use the blue tooth for play back off my I-phone. I use VOX trigger (hands free) for rider to rider communications. just say check , then talk briefly. There is a talk timer so your kids cannot hog the mic time. I have 4 kids, and wish I had these when they were small. Reminder 1 way comm. But you'll gain as the crow flies distance. I also put the X-1 Slim on new riders to make teaching and coaching so much easier."
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