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Fox Racing ATV Jerseys

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Fox Racing 2019 Airline Jersey Fox Racing 2019 Airline Jersey Miller - Golden Beach, MD One Time Use "Are you are a factory rider choosing a jersey for Moto 2 at the Budds Creek National in August on an extremely hot day and you just got 3rd in the first moto? Perhaps you are thinking a lighter jersey will help you have enough energy to stop Bam-Bam from passing you on the last lap; also you get all of your gear free from Fox and you plan to give this jersey to some screaming fan with a beer helmet on immediately following the race. If this is you, this jersey is a good option! Otherwise, for mortals with an income less than 7 figures who care about getting more than one use out of the jersey, look elsewhere. I have been riding and racing MX for over 20 years. To spend $50 on a jersey and have it ruined so easily is surprising. Fox racing could easily incorporate a stain blocking technology at this price, given it is a white jersey designed to be used in offroad dirty applications. One ride is all you get with this jersey: any mud or dirt will permanently stain it, any water or sweat will cause the blue portion of the jersey to stain the white. If you are OK with having a stained jersey after one ride, the jersey is light, airy and fits well. Sorry Fox, while the jersey looks great out of the box, style isn't everything. Function is important to us old MX'ers, the base of your business wants to spend money on a jersey that we can wear for a season or two!"
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Fox Racing 2018 360 Jersey - Red White & True LE Fox Racing 2018 360 Jersey - Red White & True LE Waterfire666 - Bronx A awesome purchase "One of my favorite so far"
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