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Wiseco Pro-Lite 2-Stroke Piston
Wiseco Pro-Lite 2-Stroke Piston

$65.77 - $181.99
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Item #WCO000P

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114 Reviews
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All Reviews
Paragon, IN.
Durability 5/5 Ease of Installation 5/5 Performance 5/5 Power 5/5 Style 5/5
Reliable products

I have always purchased their pistons and related products/\.

Verified Purchaser
Durability 5/5 Ease of Installation 5/5 Performance 5/5 Power 5/5 Style 5/5
Excellent kit

Had everything you need and quality at that

Torque sequence
Verified Purchaser
Durability 1/5 Ease of Installation 5/5 Performance 1/5 Power 1/5 Style 5/5

I had the new ring fail on the 6th heat cycle destroying the cylinder and head. Cost me $500 to replace damaged parts. I went with oem instead

Verified Purchaser
Spartanburg sc
Durability 5/5 Ease of Installation 5/5 Performance 5/5 Power 5/5 Style 5/5
Best top end kit

I bought The wiseco top end kit for a 99 cr125 and installed the vforce 3 reeds and cage and everything was perfect. Really opened the bike up

Verified Purchaser
Durability 5/5 Ease of Installation 5/5 Performance 5/5 Power 5/5 Style 5/5
Perfect fit

about a month ago installed it excellent fit excellent performance and I would recommend it

Verified Purchaser
Colusa California
Durability 5/5 Ease of Installation 5/5 Performance 5/5 Power 5/5 Style 5/5
Excellent quality

This piston fit perfectly and the quality of all the hardware that came with it was just as amazing as the piston it self. Would recommend to anyone looking to rebuild their two stroke.

Verified Purchaser
Easley sc
Durability 5/5 Ease of Installation 5/5 Performance 5/5 Power 5/5 Style 5/5
Great quality

I have this piston in my 99 kx 250, and have ran 6 two hour hare scramble races so far. Have no complaints and will buy again

Verified Purchaser
Waldorf md
Durability 5/5 Ease of Installation 5/5 Performance 5/5 Power 5/5 Style 5/5
Great piston

Easy to install

Verified Purchaser
Durability 5/5 Ease of Installation 5/5 Performance 5/5 Power 5/5 Style 5/5
Piston and parts are awesome, thanks!!!

Piston and parts are awesome, thanks!!!

Top 50 Verified Purchaser
Durability 4/5 Ease of Installation 4/5 Performance 4/5 Power 5/5 Style 4/5

Transforms your machine into a beast

Shupps offroad motosport backed lt250r
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45 Questions
Answered:   45
Not Yet:   0
Q: What would be the size of the piston for a 2006 yamaha yz85?
17 days ago
Top 10
17 days ago
A: the stock size piston for that model bike is 47.50mm
Q: Ring
3 months 27 days ago
is there a single ring version of this or is it just two, and is there a flat topped piston by wiseco?
Top 10 Contributor
3 months 27 days ago
A: Cr125 wiseco pistons will be single ringed.
Q: Dome
4 months ago
Is the top of this piston dome shaped and will it fit a 1997 cr125?
Top 10 Contributor
4 months ago
A: Yes it will be a domed piston.
Q: Will i have to drill holes in the piston on a 2000 cr125?
4 months 11 days ago
Top 10 Contributor
4 months 11 days ago
A: Yes this will require and oil relief to be drilled.
Q: What piston do i order? 1999 kx125 engine, cylinder, but i swapped out crank from a 1993 kx125
4 months 25 days ago
Top 10 Contributor
4 months 25 days ago
A: You will want to contact a repair shop to reference custom application fitment due to cylinder changes in those years.
Q: If i have a stock bore and get an over sized piston for my 2001 yz 125 what do i have to do to the cylinder
Over 5 months ago
Top 10 Contributor
Over 5 months ago
A: You would have to bore out your cylinder. You want to chose your piston size base on what your cylinder bore is, not the other way around.
Q: Are these pistons stock compression?
Over 7 months ago
the part is 643M04700
Top 10 Contributor
Over 7 months ago
A: Yes this would be a stock compression piston with a 47mm bore.
Q: 2001 blaster
1 year 3 months ago
just want to know is this all the parts I need to rebuild my top end or is ther more
Expert MotoSport Staff
1 year 3 months ago
A: In addition to this piston, you will want a needle bearing for the wrist pin, and a top-end gasket kit. We sell all of those items together, select your ride at the top of the page and do a search for "Piston Kit".
Q: What size piston do I need?
1 year 11 months ago
My piston says 5845a on it and is not the stock bore size what size do I need? .40 over?
MotoSport Staff Expert
1 year 11 months ago
A: If you are just replacing the piston, then you need to first know the bore of the cylinder. This can be done by using a bore gauge to find the diameter or by reading the owner’s manual to find the bore specifications. Ultimately, the bore should be measured for the best possible results. After the diameter is known, then you can pick which size piston will work best in your cylinder.
1 year 11 months ago
A: You need a 53.96mm piston for a 54mm cylinder
Q: What size is the piston? I need 76.25 bore.
2 years ago
MotoSport Staff Expert
2 years ago
A: The following is a list of pistons offered by Wiseco for your 1989 Honda TRX250R. Please contact one of our sales professionals to inquire about special orders and availability.
Dirt Bike / ATV: 1-888-676-8853

562M06600 66.00mm STD

562M06625 66.25mm 0.25

562M06650 66.50mm 0.50

562M06675 66.75mm 0.75

562M06700 67.00mm 1.00

562M06725 67.25mm 1.25

562M06750 67.50mm 1.50

562M06800 68.00mm 2.00
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# Part Numbers
Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
.020" Oversize N/A
.040" Oversize N/A
.060" Oversize N/A
.080" Oversize N/A
.120" Oversize N/A
.140" Oversize N/A
.160" Oversize N/A
.200" Oversize N/A
Stock Bore N/A
Stock Bore 855M05200
Stock Bore 786M05400
Stock Bore 869M05600
Stock Bore 864M04500
Stock Bore 746M04500
Stock Bore 855M04700
.030" Oversize N/A
Stock Bore 573M06600
.010" Oversize 573M06625
.020" Oversize 573M06650
.030" Oversize 573M06675
.040" Oversize 573M06700
.050" Oversize 573M06725
.060" Oversize 573M06750
.070" Oversize 573M06775
.080" Oversize 573M06800
.090" Oversize 573M06825
Stock Bore 676M05400
Stock Bore 841M05400
Stock Bore 859M05400
Stock Bore 614M06640
Stock Bore 801M06640
Stock Bore 860M06640
Stock Bore 702M06640
Stock Bore 643M04700
Stock Bore 833M04750
Stock Bore 711M06600
Stock Bore 750M06900
Stock Bore 651M05250
Stock Bore 783M05400
Stock Bore 822M05400
Stock Bore 834M05400
Stock Bore 652M05400
Stock Bore 719M05400
Stock Bore 741M05400
Stock Bore 607M06740
Stock Bore 799M06640
Stock Bore 843M06640
Stock Bore 556M06740
Stock Bore 617M06640
Stock Bore 575M08600
Stock Bore 648M04300
Stock Bore 752M04450
Stock Bore 644M04800
Stock Bore 782M04850
Stock Bore 571M06700
Stock Bore 561M08600
Stock Bore 754M05400
Stock Bore 835M05400
Stock Bore 641M05400
Stock Bore 642M06700
Stock Bore 756M06640
Stock Bore 823M06640
Stock Bore 681M06640
Stock Bore 723M06640
Stock Bore 743M06640
Stock Bore 645M04750
Stock Bore 806M04800
Stock Bore 562M06600
Stock Bore 797M05400
.080" Oversize 797M05600
Stock Bore 845M05400
Stock Bore 594M05600
Stock Bore 629M05600
Stock Bore 647M05400
Stock Bore 693M05400
Stock Bore 726M05400
Stock Bore 804M06640
Stock Bore 677M06800
Stock Bore 646M04700
Stock Bore 805M04750
.020" Oversize 546M08750
.040" Oversize 546M08800
.060" Oversize 546M08850
.080" Oversize 546M08900
Stock Bore 546M08700
.040" Oversize 553M05500
.080" Oversize 553M05600
Stock Bore 553M05400
Stock Bore 555M05600
.045" Oversize 556M06850
.084" Oversize 556M06950
.040" Oversize 557M05500
Stock Bore 557M05400
.040" Oversize 558M06800
.080" Oversize 558M06900
Stock Bore 558M06700
.020" Oversize 559M05650
.040" Oversize 559M05700
.060" Oversize 559M05750
Stock Bore 559M05600
.020" Oversize 560M06850
Stock Bore 560M06800
.100" Oversize 561M08850
.120" Oversize 561M08900
.140" Oversize 561M08950
.020" Oversize 561M08650
.040" Oversize 561M08700
.060" Oversize 561M08750
.080" Oversize 561M08800
.020" Oversize 562M06650
.040" Oversize 562M06700
.060" Oversize 562M06750
.080" Oversize 562M06800
.020" Oversize 564M05450
.040" Oversize 564M05500
.060" Oversize 564M05550
.080" Oversize 564M05600
Stock Bore 564M05400
.040" Oversize 566M05700
Stock Bore 566M05600
.040" Oversize 568M05500
.020" Oversize 571M06750
.040" Oversize 571M06800
.080" Oversize 571M06900
.020" Oversize 575M08650
.040" Oversize 575M08700
.080" Oversize 575M08800
.040" Oversize 582M05700
.040" Oversize 589M05700
Stock Bore 589M05600
.020" Oversize 595M05450
.040" Oversize 595M05500
Stock Bore 595M05400
.020" Oversize 601M06800
.040" Oversize 603M05700
Stock Bore 603M05600
.020" Oversize 605M06850
Stock Bore 605M06800
.025" Oversize 607M06800
.045" Oversize 607M06850
.024" Oversize 614M06700
.044" Oversize 614M06750
.065" Oversize 614M06800
.085" Oversize 614M06850
.040" Oversize 616M05500
Stock Bore 616M05400
.025" Oversize 617M06700
.045" Oversize 617M06750
.085" Oversize 617M06850
.020" Oversize 626M05450
.040" Oversize 626M05500
Stock Bore 626M05400
.040" Oversize 629M05700
.040" Oversize 631M07300
Stock Bore 631M07200
.020" Oversize 871M08950
.080" Oversize 871M09100
Stock Bore 640M05400
.020" Oversize 641M05450
.040" Oversize 641M05500
.060" Oversize 641M05550
.080" Oversize 641M05600
.020" Oversize 642M06750
.040" Oversize 642M06800
.080" Oversize 642M06900
.020" Oversize 643M04750
.040" Oversize 643M04800
.080" Oversize 643M04900
.020" Oversize 644M04850
.040" Oversize 644M04900
.080" Oversize 644M05000
.020" Oversize 645M04800
.040" Oversize 645M04850
.060" Oversize 645M04900
.080" Oversize 645M04950
.020" Oversize 646M04750
.040" Oversize 646M04800
.080" Oversize 646M04900
.020" Oversize 647M05450
.040" Oversize 647M05500
.080" Oversize 647M05600
.020" Oversize 648M04350
.040" Oversize 648M04400
.080" Oversize 648M04500
.020" Oversize 651M05300
.080" Oversize 651M05450
.020" Oversize 652M05450
.040" Oversize 652M05500
.080" Oversize 652M05600
.020" Oversize 676M05450
.040" Oversize 676M05500
.080" Oversize 676M05600
.020" Oversize 677M06850
.040" Oversize 677M06900
.080" Oversize 677M07000
Stock Bore 694M06750
.020" Oversize 702M06700
.040" Oversize 702M06750
.060" Oversize 702M06800
.080" Oversize 702M06850
.020" Oversize 711M06650
.040" Oversize 711M06700
.080" Oversize 711M06800
Stock Bore 712M07200
.080" Oversize 719M05600
.080" Oversize 726M05600
Stock Bore 740M05425
.080" Oversize 741M05600
.080" Oversize 746M04700
.040" Oversize 748M07900
Stock Bore 748M07800
.040" Oversize 750M07000
.080" Oversize 752M04650
.020" Oversize 754M05450
.040" Oversize 754M05500
.060" Oversize 754M05550
.080" Oversize 754M05600
.080" Oversize 756M06850
.080" Oversize 770M06600
Stock Bore 770M06400
Stock Bore 774M06640
.080" Oversize 782M05050
.080" Oversize 783M05600
.080" Oversize 801M06850
.080" Oversize 804M06850
.080" Oversize 805M04950
.160" Oversize 806M05200
.080" Oversize 806M05000
.080" Oversize 822M05600
Stock Bore 824M06640
Stock Bore 825M06400
.120" Oversize 833M05050
.080" Oversize 833M04950
.080" Oversize 834M05600
.080" Oversize 835M05600
Stock Bore 856M06640
Stock Bore 857M06640
Stock Bore 858M07200
.010" Oversize 526M06625
.100" Oversize 526M06850
.120" Oversize 526M06900
.140" Oversize 526M06950
.020" Oversize 526M06650
.030" Oversize 526M06675
.040" Oversize 526M06700
.050" Oversize 526M06725
.060" Oversize 526M06750
.080" Oversize 526M06800
Stock Bore 526M06600
Stock Bore 880M05250
Stock Bore 879M04850
Stock Bore 874M03950
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