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Antigravity Utility ATV Batteries & Parts

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Antigravity RE-START Lithium Battery Antigravity RE-START Lithium Battery Tbond - Caldwell OH Might be better for smaller bike "Bought for a brute force 750 heard that it had a ton of cranking amps, not to sure. I'm a huge fan of lithium batteries but not sold on this one ,really expensive and bike rolls over kinda slow. Plus for some reason I have to turn the key on twice to get the display to come on"
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Antigravity Small Case Lithium Battery Antigravity Small Case Lithium Battery Ds254 - north carolina I dont recommend this "the battery seemed extremely weak and had a hard time starting my bike.i got it with the electric starter kit for my 17 crf450. the thing literally caught on fire almost ruined my brand new bike and took the shop with it. considering just going back to a kick start I feel like I wasted $600"
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