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Alpinestars Megaton Drystar Jacket Alpinestars Megaton Drystar Jacket DM427 - Pine Bush, NY Great Jacket "I was looking for a 4 season jacket to extend my riding season into the winter months of New York and replace my old vented jacket. I ended up picking the Megaton for it's price and options. I also really liked the blue, gray, red colorway. Most other 4-seasons are all black with a colored stripe or all gray. I've only had the jacket for a couple weeks so I can't speak for the durability, but comfort and performance have been great. I rode into work on a ~30°F morning with only a t-shirt on under the jacket with both liners in and I was comfortable. It cuts the wind down to basically nothing and the tall collar does a great job of keeping cold air off your throat and from creeping down into the jacket. The pockets are also quite large, and easily hold my phone, wallet and house keys. There are a few minor criticisms I have. While the tall collar helps with wind, it does come in contact with the bottom of my helmet, so looking over my shoulder is more difficult than normal. It also makes tucking in behind the windscreen tougher. Also, the way the sleeves are pre-formed makes it difficult to open the zippers on the front pockets and get your hands into them. Besides those couple little things, I really like this jacket and would recommend it to anyone looking for a 4-season. For size reference I'm 5'-9" 165lbs average build, broad shoulders and the large fits me perfect."
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Alpinestars Andes Drystar Jacket Alpinestars Andes Drystar Jacket Number1Headband - Salt Lake City, UT, USA Far exceeded expectations "Blows away other options at this price point. 3 season jacket that finds its limit at anything above 70 degrees. The only reason this jacket isn't 5 stars is the external vents are sealed by the internal waterproof liner (not the removable thermal liner). Its a trade-off, better waterproofing or more airflow. More expensive options address this with more expensive solutions. For under $250, this is still the best dual sport jacket out there."
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