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R&D Flex Jet Fuel Mixture Screw R&D Flex Jet Fuel Mixture Screw Ahalla05 - NE Ohio Super easy to use! "Does exactly as it should. Takes 5minutes to install, and can be adjusted sitting on the bike if needed. Overall great product!"
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R&D Flex Jet Fuel Mixture Screw R&D Flex Jet Fuel Mixture Screw Cody - NW GA Please Read if buying for Yamaha 4stroke!! "I bought this part(R&D Flex jet fuel screw) for my 1998 YZ400F. To begin, as soon as i opened up the package, i noticed the flex jet was completely out of its box. I wasn't sure if maybe it had slipped out during shipping or a careless motosport employee had just thrown it in the box. Upon further review, the cardboard box looked just fine, and after looking at the flex jet part box, it was obvious that it had already been opened and the decal that says its included with the flex jet was no where to be found. I don't care about the decal but the fact that i paid almost $40 for this part just to be throwed into a cardboard box, not to mention the washer and o-ring are tiny and could have came off the flex jet and i probably wouldn't have found them but thankfully they were still attached. Here's the real problem though, this part is listed as an "exact fit" on the website for my bike, and it even says on the flex jet box that its an easy bolt on upgrade for ANY keihin FCR-Mx carb---This was not true for me!! i had to take the bowl off the carb to remove the old fuel screw, the fuel screw does not thread into the bowl, its threaded into the upper part of the carb so when i took the bowl off and removed the fuel screw, the flex jet would not fit through the hole on the bowl which guides it up to the threads. I had to take a drill bit and drill the hole out real lightly for the flex jet to fit through it in order to reach the threads. Other than that, the product seems of good quality and i would consider using one on any bike i own. I had already planned on buying plastics and graphics kit from motosport, but after having this trouble, im not so sure that this is where i want to spend my money."
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