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Check out these must have items to keep you safe before you hop on that shiny new bike.


Do you have a $10 head? Do not buy a $10 helmet. Set aside the most of your protective riding gear budget for a dirt bike helmet. But you do not need to break the bank either, therefore, browse our selection of dirt bike helmets under $150. All have DOT approval, and the safety and impact protection rivals that of the high-priced lids. Check out our helmet buying guide for information on sizing a dirt bike helmet specific to your head measurements.


Dirt Bike boots protect your feet, ankles and calves from engine burn, roost, bar-banging from other riders and in the inevitable event of a tip-over. Boots take a bit to get used to but with a little breaking in tips you will quickly learn how to get around and ride.


You cannot ride with a set of sunglasses for protection. You need a pair of dirt bike goggles to protect your eyes from rocks kicked up from other riders and the whip of tree branches, especially when riding trails. Goggles strap around the helmet and fit snug in the helmet eye port. Wear glasses? Read Wearing Glasses While Dirt Bike Riding for tips.


We have covered the Big 3 or the bare essentials when it comes to riding protection. But we also recommend dressing for the crash. As such, chest protection, knee braces or guards, and elbow guards among other available body protection help prevent significant injury in the event of a crash. Read our Motocross Protective Gear Buying Guide for more information.

best motocross knee guards and other dirt bike protection


Yes, you can wear jeans and some type of rugged long sleeve shirt, however you will find wearing dirt bike riding gear, also known as pants, jersey and gloves, offers a more comfortable experience, keeping you cool with minimal restrictions on operating the bike. You absolutely need gloves anyway so grabbing a combo saves you money over buying each piece of gear individually.

MotoSport Has Partnered With USMCA

We have teamed up with the United States Motorcycle Coaching Association to help grow the riding community and bring awareness to the overall need for rider safety, training and instruction.