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Michelin T63 Rear Tire Michelin T63 Rear Tire Alan - Seaside, OR Outstanding dual sport tire. "I used this tire on Route 3 of the OBDR mounted on my CRF250L. I really liked how well it worked with different terrains. I get about 1000 miles before I start thinking about getting a new one, so Id like to see a little taller knobs on there but no tire is perfect. Tried out the Michelin AC10 for the last trip and I think I will be switching back to these."
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Michelin AC-10 Tire Combo Michelin AC-10 Tire Combo woodsrider3x11 - Wisconsin, USA AC-10 off road adn dual sport "I have tried all kinds of brands and model tires and have always gone back to Michelins. I tried these tires instead of my standard S-12's. Rear was big heavy and was not a good all around tire. the front was smaller than equivalent size tires in the S-12 or other brands. Not enough sidewall for off road. caused my first bent rim.in years of riding. Much better options out there...Don't buy them."
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