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Acerbis Vision HP LED Headlight Acerbis Vision HP LED Headlight Westy - Massachusetts Didn't meet expectations. Drz434sm "Light isn't any brighter than my stock one and doesn't have an adjustment to raise or lower the beam mine is lower than id like it to be. Bought an HID kit soon after installing to try to brighten it up but that didn't help much either. I ran the LEDs on there own waterproof switch which worked well. But half my LEDs no longer work on one side after only having the light for a couple years. Bike never sees any sort or mud either so don't know what caused them to fail. Great looking light but besides that I dont feel like it was an upgrade from my stock light."
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Polisport Halo Halogen Headlight Polisport Halo Halogen Headlight jcal - Great headlight "Works great, looks great and was easy to install. I'd highly recommend it."
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