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Alpinestars - Legendary Innovation

Alpinestars' roots in motocross and motorcycling span six decades. Founded in 1963 by Sante Mazzarolo in Asolo, Italy, Alpinestars first made hiking and ski boots but a short two years later the company introduced its first motorcycle boot - it included an innovative steel shin protector and a buckle closure system rather than laces.

A decade later, Alpinestars marketed protective boots featuring toe sliders and enhanced levels of protection for the motorcycle road racing circuit giving the company a loyal following. In the 1990s, Alpinestars rolled out additional protective gear including gloves, jackets and full leather suits.

Alpinestars Neck Brace

It makes sense that a leader and innovator of protective gear would develop their own version of the neck brace. Dirt bike neck braces may come with its share of controversy and questions on the effectiveness, however technological innovations implemented on today's braces are proving hard to ignore. Alpinestars neck braces are no exception.

The Alpinestars neck brace adds an additional safety measure to the rear stabilizer which is backed with foam and will now deliberately bend or fracture when experiencing high pressure. Additional collar bone protection includes expanded foam compound on all parts of the neck brace that touch the body. This helps distribute impact over the widest possible area.

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