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Dirt Tricks Chain and Sprocket Kit
Dirt Tricks Chain and Sprocket Kit

$182.99 - $282.98
21% Off - Save up to $47.98

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  • Product Details

  • Chain
    Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
    Gold / 120 Links 520DZ2120, C128, C416, SS520MXR2-120, SS520XTG-120
    Gold/Gold / 120 Links 520ERT3 G&G X 120
    Natural / 120 Links 520NZ x 120, 520 x 120, 520VOX120FB, SS520HDN-120, SS520SSR-120
    Natural/Natural / 120 Links 520SRO6-120
    Front Sprocket
    Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
    12T CR1-12-34-2900, CR2-12, GG-12, KTM-12, KX1-12-34-2906, RM1-12-34-2912, YK2-12, YZ1-12-34-2916
    13T CR2-13-34-2902, CR3-13-34-29051, F1B-13-34-3116, GG-13, HV1-13, KTM-13-34-2909, KX1-13-34-2907, KX3-13-34-2897, RM1-13-34-2913, RM3-13-34-2896, RM4B-13, YK2-13-4-2918, YZ1-13-34-2917, RM3B-13
    14T CR1-14, CR2-14-34-2904, CR3-14-34-2943, F1-14, GG-14, HV1-14, KTM-14-34-2910, KX3-14, RM2-14-34-2915, RM4B-14, XR2-14, YK2-14-34-2919, YZ1-14
    15T CR2-15-34-2904, HV1-15, KTM-15-34-2911, KX1-15, RM2-15, XR2-15, YK2-15
    Rear Sprocket
    Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
    Chrome / 41T HV-41
    Chrome / 42T CR-42, KTM-42
    Chrome / 43T CR-43, HV-43, KX-43, YZ-43
    Chrome / 45T CR-45, HV-45, KTM-45, KX-45, RM-45, YZ-45
    Chrome / 46T CR-46, HV-46, KTM-46, KX-46, RM-46, YZ-46
    Chrome / 47T CR-47, HV-47, KTM-47, KX-47, RM-47
    Chrome / 48T CR-48-34-2921, HV-48, KTM-48-34-2930, KX-48-34-2927, RM-48, YZ-48-34-2937
    Chrome / 49T CR-49-34-2922, HV-49, KTM-49-34-2931, KX-49-34-2928, RM-49-34-2934, YZ-49-34-2938
    Chrome / 50T CR-50-34-2923, HV-50, KTM-50-34-2932, KX-50, RM-50-34-2935, YZ-50-34-2939
    Chrome / 51T CR-51-34-2924, HV-51, KTM-51, KX-51-34-2942, RM-51, YZ-51-34-2940
    Chrome / 52T CR-52-34-2925, HV-52, KTM-52-34-2933, KX-52, RM-52, YZ-52
    Chrome / 53T CR-53-34-2926, KTM-53, KX-53, YZ-53

California Proposition 65

WARNING: This product contains chemicals, including (Lead), known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Wash hands after handling. For more information, go to