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Dirt Tricks Chain and Sprocket Kit
Dirt Tricks Chain and Sprocket Kit

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Item #DTK000D

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Q: Can you make a 12T drive sprocket/counter sprocket?
Over 9 months ago
Top 10
Over 9 months ago
A: We don't actually make products, we are an online retailer for those that do however. Depending on the bike you are looking for, there may or may not be a sprocket of that size available for you. However 13T is typically the normal as for the smallest sprocket available.

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# Part Numbers
Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
Natural / 120 Links 520VOX120FB
Natural / 120 Links 520 x 120
Gold/Gold / 120 Links 520ERT3 G&G X 120
Natural / 120 Links 520NZ x 120
Gold / 120 Links SS520XTG-120
Gold / 120 Links 520DZ2120
Gold / 120 Links C416
Gold / 120 Links SS520MXR1-120
Natural / 120 Links SS520HDN-120
Natural / 120 Links SS520SSR-120
Gold / 120 Links 520ERV3 G&G X 120
Gold / 120 Links C128
Front Sprocket
Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
13T YZ1-13
15T YK2-15
13T RM3B-13
12T YZ1-12
13T YK2-13
14T YK2-14
15T XR2-15
12T YK2-12
14T RM4B-14
14T XR2-14
13T RM3-13
13T RM4B-13
14T RM2-14
15T RM2-15
13T RM1-13
13T RM2-13
14T KX3-14
12T RM1-12
15T KX1-15
13T KX3-13
12T KX1-12
13T KX1-13
14T KTM-14
15T KTM-15
12T KTM-12
13T KTM-13
14T HV1-14
15T HV1-15
14T GG-14
13T HV1-13
12T GG-12
13T GG-13
14T F1-14
13T F1B-13
13T CR3-13
14T CR3-14
14T CR2-14
15T CR2-15
12T CR2-12
13T CR1-13
14T YZ1-14
12T CR1-12
13T CR2-13
14T CR1-14
Rear Sprocket
Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
Chrome / 53T YZ-53
Chrome / 52T YZ-52
Chrome / 51T YZ-51
Chrome / 50T YZ-50
Chrome / 50T RM-50
Chrome / 49T CR-49
Chrome / 45T YZ-45
Chrome / 43T YZ-43
Chrome / 52T RM-52
Chrome / 51T RM-51
Chrome / 48T RM-48
Chrome / 46T RM-46
Chrome / 49T RM-49
Chrome / 53T KX-53
Chrome / 47T RM-47
Chrome / 51T KX-51
Chrome / 45T RM-45
Chrome / 49T KX-49
Chrome / 52T KX-52
Chrome / 47T KX-47
Chrome / 50T KX-50
Chrome / 45T KX-45
Chrome / 48T KX-48
Chrome / 53T KTM-53
Chrome / 46T KX-46
Chrome / 51T KTM-51
Chrome / 43T KX-43
Chrome / 49T KTM-49
Chrome / 52T KTM-52
Chrome / 47T KTM-47
Chrome / 50T KTM-50
Chrome / 45T KTM-45
Chrome / 48T KTM-48
Chrome / 52T HV-52
Chrome / 46T KTM-46
Chrome / 50T HV-50
Chrome / 42T KTM-42
Chrome / 48T HV-48
Chrome / 51T HV-51
Chrome / 46T HV-46
Chrome / 49T HV-49
Chrome / 43T HV-43
Chrome / 47T HV-47
Chrome / 53T CR-53
Chrome / 45T HV-45
Chrome / 51T CR-51
Chrome / 41T HV-41
Chrome / 48T CR-48
Chrome / 52T CR-52
Chrome / 43T CR-43
Chrome / 50T CR-50
Chrome / 46T CR-46
Chrome / 47T CR-47
Chrome / 47T YZ-47
Chrome / 45T CR-45
Chrome / 48T YZ-48
Chrome / 49T YZ-49
Chrome / 46T YZ-46
Chrome / 42T CR-42
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