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Stomp Grip Cruiser Tank Accessories

Applied Refinements



Most Recent Tank Accessories Reviews

Stomp Grip Traction Pads Stomp Grip Traction Pads rezrider - Long Island, NY Look great! "Easy to put on and they have stayed put so far and helps from sliding forward on the seat..."
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Stomp Grip Tank Pad Kit Stomp Grip Tank Pad Kit xanadu1092 - Charlestown RI useless "First off I'd like to say this is a fantastic product, I absolutely fell in love with them. Grips were properly installed, no air bubbles, worked perfectly. The clear really surprised me, it was barely noticeable from a few paces back, even on a white bike... But... after riding everyday for a week or so with no problems whatsoever, I parked my bike after my evening commute and ran inside to grab the key to the garage. When I came back out, the entire left pad was laying on the ground next to the bike... naturally ... adhesive side down in the sand and leaves. I tried picking off the debris but it's completely covered in tiny specs and tiny pieces of leaves."
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