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RS Taichi GP-EVO Racing Gloves - NXT054 RS Taichi GP-EVO Racing Gloves - NXT054 dhazardous - Portland, OR Perfect Fit "The comfort of these gloves are on another level. I've upgraded to these from my old GP-Xs (black ones in the pic). Working at MotoSport I've had the pleasure to try on many different gloves, these are by far the truest fit, comfortable, and protective. Usually gloves with the palm sliders are a nuisance and bulky, but these are very low profile and unobtrusive. It might be hard to tell from pictures but the wrist section of these gauntlets are reinforced as well, so if you do spill you won't get scuffed so easily. Not to mention an amazing design on the raised knuckle sliders/pads; I've had rocks hit them and the only reason I knew was the sound, I didn't feel a thing. The perforation has just the right balance of air flow and breathability. I wear these in 30-100deg; whether it's freezing or hot your hands will be happy. The break in time was short too, didn't take much more than a week for them to be shaped. once they're broken in you have full flexibility of you're wrist AND ALL FINGERS. I'd like to express that last part as a few pairs I've tried on had stiff or unmovable fingers, nameley the pinky. Ive been wearing these for almost a year now, riding almost 365 days, rain or shine, and they've not even begun to tear, fray or crack. All in all, if you're looking for your next pair of high end gauntlets, I'd strongly suggest trying out RS Taichi. Just remember the sizing is Japanese so if you wear a medium in US sizes you'll probably want to select large. If it still doesn't fit right, you can take advantage of MotoSports Free First Exchange program and we'll swap you out with a better fit, for free!"
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RS Taichi Raptor Leather Mesh Gloves - RST423 RS Taichi Raptor Leather Mesh Gloves - RST423 Rooster - Charlotte, NC I am only sad I didn't get them sooner. "I was tired of alpinestars diminishing quality over the years, and the last pair I ordered starting coming apart after two rides. Wanted to give a shot to another brand to win me over, and I have read about the quality to RS Taichi race suits. Gotta say these are are the most comfortable street gloves I have ever worn. There is a thin glove liner sewn in that prevents all the stitching from rubbing on your hands. The split at the first knuckle actually works super well. I only use one finger braking, and it is clearly thought out for guys like me. The knuckle flexes with the finger and it is just an awesome design. The leather feels broken in, it is nice and soft, not plasticy feeling at all. I think it is due to the goat leather. I will definitely be moving on from my A-stars jacket when the time comes and get RS Taichi. Seriously, these gloves are that good. Im switching brands."
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