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Fieldsheer Wind Tour Gloves Fieldsheer Wind Tour Gloves Patatat - Illinois, USA Weird sizing, but looked like a good glove "I can't recommend them, solely because they didn't fit. Based on the size chart, I'm a medium. Based on what I put on my hand, I'm probably an XL in terms of length (my hand would have fit the glove fairly well if it were longer), but no stocked XL, so I changed directions. If you get it to fit, it feels like it should be a solid glove though. Nice and warm, decent enough protection, solid stitching, and adjustments at both the wrist and cuff - something a lot of winter gloves seem to lack. The liner is loose and hard to deal with. Pulling your hand out pulls the liner along. It doesn't come out, but it's all bunched up and requires a bunch of fiddling to get your fingers back in place the next time. So if it fits, it's probably a great glove, but it seems to be meant for shorter, or at least significantly chunkier hands than mine."
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