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Bridgestone Cruiser Tire Combos

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Bridgestone Battlecross Tire Combo Bridgestone Battlecross Tire Combo Tbone100 Great in mud "I bought these tires a couple of weeks ago and the front tire was fine but the rear tire was deformed and cause the tire to shake and feel out of balance. But the few times I rode on them the tires had great traction in mud. Also the tires are very hard to put on the rim."
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Bridgestone Battlax Sport Touring T31 Tire Combo Bridgestone Battlax Sport Touring T31 Tire Combo Steven N - Denver A night and day difference from the T30. "Like most riders, I like to try different tires. From the classic pairing of the bias ply Metzeler ME33 Laser/ME55 Metronic followed by radials from Avon, Bridgestone Continental, Dunlop, Michelin, and Pirelli, each new set provided a new experience. While many remained fond of the Bridgestone T30, I found they lacked feel and wore quickly--and remained unimpressed. I never tried the T30 Evo, but in preparations for my annual journey from Denver to SoCal, then up the coast and back home, made the decision to give the T31 a go. (I figured worst case they would last the 4000 mile journey and I would replace them with something "better" upon my return.) Surprised I was by the difference between the T30 and the T31. Where the T30 felt kinda lifeless and detached from the road, the T31 had a direct connection and excellent feel (tactile, planted, yet light). It was this direct connection and feel that provided both better handling and higher speed stability than previous tires I have used, including the Angel GT and PR4's. The T31's dug into corners unlike the others and without any twitchiness. The T31 puts the sport in sport touring, and after 4000 miles--when it was past time to replace the T30's--the T31's have many miles remaining. The tires warmed up quickly in the cooler temps (lower 50's) and never felt greasy in the hot (100+). The only rain was brief, light, and overnight, so I am unable to comment on how they perform in the wet. Comparing the T31 to the Continental Road Attack 3 proved to me they are equal but different (in dry conditions) with the T31 emphasizing sport and the CRA3 leaning a bit more toward the touring side, with amazingly long mileage. Both are excellent sport touring tires and in my experience the T31 and CRA3 tires outperform both the Angel GT and PR4. I would re-purchase the T31 and CRA3 without hesitation. A note on Bridgestone's impressive quality control (or luck of the draw) is the T31 required a single 5-gram weight to balance each wheel. And a note on the PCH detour: the Nacimiento-Fergusson Rd was a superb surprise. . ."
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